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The third thing to know about Peace is that: PEACE IS ATTAINABLE AND RETAINABLE.Although it has been stressed earlier that Peace is fragile and elusive,thank God that knowing its nature provides the needed information to know how to handle it.
Therefore,to explain very well,we are going to discus this third point in two ways.The first is PEACE IS ATTAINABLE.As elusive as it is,Peace is achievable.So long it is not easy to catch a fish,mankind had devised means of catching fish with a little effort.That is why we are going to discuss three means of attaining a Peacefu home.
One:SEEK IT.You must not hesitate to seek peace so long it is pertinent to the welfare of a home.Many people are of the wrong opinion that they are entitled to peace in their homes effortlessly.No sir! No ma! Do you know that those who got it easily lose it so soon? So,you must seek it.Why must you seek? Jesus assures,
“…seek,and you will find;…
…he who seeks,finds…” Matthew 7:7c,d,8b.(New King James Version-NKJV)
If you seek peace,you will find it.How do you seek peace? Let Luke 15:8 explains it in brief thus,
“Or suppose a woman who has ten silver coins loses one(peace) of them -what does she do? She lights a lamp,sweeps her house and looks carefully everywhere until she finds it.”Good News For the Modern Man.
I recommend that you read the answer to “What does she do?” about twenty-one times for effect- if peace is what you seek for your home.God will give us the grace to say more on this soon.Keep a date with me always,you can follow this blog and recommend it to others.You will not be disappointed.
Two:PURSUE IT.Because Peace is elusive,it must be pursued.Do you know that the enemy of your welfare knows this secret? Exodus15:9 reads,
“The enemy said,’I will pursue,
I will overtake,
I will divide the spoil;
My desire shall be satisfied on them
I will draw my sword,
My hand shall destroy them.'”NKJV.
If an enemy of God’s people can be so determined,please,what prevents you from being determined to pursue your peace?
Just as David at Ziglag inquired of the Lord if he could pursue a troop that invaded his home and those of his men.The Lord answered,
“Pursue,for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” 1Samuel 30:8(NKJV)
David pursued the troop with every weapon at his disposal with six hundred men.What was the result?
“So David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away,and David rescued his two wives.
…David recovered all.” 1Samuel30:18,19f(NKJV)
You can recover all the Peace you need if you pursue it.
Three,SEEK AND PURSUE IT.For so many reasons,sometimes,it will require that you combine “to seek” with “to pursue”. Peace is worth it when you have it within your home.The Psalmist advises,
“Depart from evil and do good;
Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm34:14(NKJV)
What will be the benefit of doing all these things? The Psalmist state the kind of person who must seek and pursue peace thus,
“Who is the man who desires life,
And loves many days,that he may see good?”Psalm34:12(NKJV)
This means you will have life,many days and see good.Now to you,do you desire life?Do you love many days? Do you want to see good in the land of the living? If your answer is “yes!”,then,seek peace and pursue it! By God’s grace,next week we shall discuss about “How to retain peace in the home”.Until then remain blessed!


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The second of the three things you must know about Peace is that PEACE IS ELUSIVE.Peacecan easily escape from a home.It is highly evasive.Although you cannot hold or touch Peace with your hands,one thing that is sure is that you can feel its existence in a home.It means that you can ‘see’ Peace in a home through the members of a family.
If Peace is allowed to elude a home,it may not be easy to capture.As fragile as Peace is owing to factors within the home members,it is also evasive as a result of external factors.There are many factors that may break the Peace of a home.In the same way,there are many factors also that can make Peace in a home elusive.
To save time and space,let us consider a community called Laish as a home.What befell the community can affect the Peace of a home as a community.That is the reason you must consider the negative effects of external factors from the first day of your matrimonial love-life.
The story of Laish community is contained in the Manual of Life,the Holy Bible,in the book of Judges 18:7-29.The story reveals the followings about them:
A.They were living carelessly(King James Version) against external aggression or attack.They were living safely(New King James Version).They were living carefree lives(New Living Translation).They never bothered to prevent any sudden attack.
B.They were quiet and secure(King James Version).They were peaceful and secure(New Living Translation).This can be likened to the period of honeymoon in a marriage.When things seem to be alright.When love is ‘intoxicating’!
C.No leaders.No rulers(New King James Version).No one to judge them.No ‘magistrate in the land'(King James Version).They were all-sufficient.Each person was free to do whatever he/she loved.They feared nobody.They had no one to rebuke them.
D.They were wealthy(New Living Translation).They were blessed with fertile land.A very large land.No want of anything that is in the earth.Their security was sure.They never thought that someone may be interested in what they have and may want to displace them.
E.They separated themselves from other people on the earth.They created their own ‘mini world’ in which they were contented.
F.Living in a far away place was not only their problem,they had no ties with any man(New King James Version).No allies nearby(NLT).No business with any man(KJV).
This aptly described the state of many homes.This ought not to be so.
Five spies were sent by the Danites,a tribe in Israel,to see the nakedness of the land.These went and returned to their brethren unnoticed and unchallenged by the inhabitants of Laish.They never knew the prying eyes of the enemies of their welfare were at hand.What was the the result?
1.The enemies saw their nakedness.
2.Those foes gathered enough information about them.You can read what happened to king Hezekiah in 2Kings20:15-19.
3.The enemies of their welfare looked for the right time to attack them.They wasted no time to carry out their intention.
4.They raised an army to effectively attack them.Six hundred members carried out the attack and succeeded.
5.Because these was no deliverer,verse28,no one to help them.
No resistance because they were not prepared.The invasion was carried out according to the plan of their enemies.Peace evaded them forever.They were consumed totally!
Without doubt,if you ruminate over the plight of the people of Laish,you will see clearly that this is what befell,befalls and will continue to befall every home that do not see any reason to protect their territory against external aggression.
In the comfort of your home,do you guide against outside factors that can ruin your peaceful home? Peaple regret and make unwise decisions after the enemies of their peaceful homes have perfected and carried out their nefarious activities.
Peace is elusive,so be watchful!

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Three Things About Peace
Thanks to God,the source of all inspirations for the grace He gave us to discuss the Two Legs Of A Peaceful Home.There are lots of things to chew over about our homes and their peace.Just pray for me that the Lord should give me more of all things needed to carry out the assignment.I believe whoever comes here will not regret it.So tell others about what you read here.
May God give me the grace,I’m planning to post contents on this blog three times a week:on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.This will give us enough materials to make every visitor have an improvement on the peace of his/her home.Please,pray along with me.
Now,let us begin to discuss one by one the Three Things About Peace.
The First Thing You Must Know About Peace is the fact that Peace is very FRAGILE.Peace can easily be broken.It is fragile in the real sense of the word.It must be delicately handled.It can be compared,to a reasonable extent,with an egg.Think for a moment on the type of care that a raw egg demands to be safe.
Think also of an egg that falls to the ground from a dinning table.What use can you make of it? If it will be of use at all,can you benefit optimally from it as much as if it has not broken?
Peace can also be compared with a mirror.What serious effort does it take to break a mirror? A little carelessness can turn a life-size mirror into particles.Do you agree? Which is of more use,an unbroken mirror or particles of a mirror? You know better!
This must be the way,the best way,I think,to perceive peace,most importantly in your home. You can not afford to be careless about it.It requires absolute care.Give it all you have got to ensure that it is not broken even for a minute.
If it is broken for a minute,it may not be easily ‘repaired’ or it may become irreparable.The arc-enemy of man does not look for a very big space or opportunity to strike but a little,very little opening.Made available,anything might be the result,unfavourable result.
Let me state here the story of a family of three,
father,mother and their son,about five years old.On that fateful afternoon,they have just listened to the world News on their TV set.One of the major stories was about the raging war in another country.At the end of the news,the son asked his father,’How does a war begins?’ Before the man could utter a world,the woman said angrily,’James,(not real name of the husband) you better tell that boy the truth! Let him know how a war starts!’ She said it at the top of her voice and she banged the door of her room and went in because she was at the threshhold of the door already.
The young boy did not permit the father to speak before he,the boy,said,’Daddy,I perfectly understand how a war don’t need to tell me anything’.
From the little action of the woman,what do you think cannot be the result.If care was not taken,the home will be on fire.You think of it.Was the woman invited to participated in the father-son questions and answers season? What,in the first instance,ignited the fire of anger in the woman? Why must she interrupted the affairs of the other members unlovingly? Why did she not wait for he man to give his answer first? Was her husband a reknown liar? What impression was she giving the boy?
Thank God that the boy quickly understood the scenario.He immediately locked the door of confusion opened by his mother by her anger.
If care is not taken,peace in the home can easily be broken.It may be very difficult to restore while in many cases,restoration may not be possible.Peace in the home is fragile,keep it with absolute care!

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