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Your Demand Can Be Met. (Part One)   Leave a comment

In the last article, we considered the Five Demands Of A Young Lady. For her, and her household, everything has been working well. She is now ‘success personified’. Do you have your own demands? The young lady seemed to make it simple, do you want to be a success? Be prepared to have all your Demands supplied.
What are the preparations to make? Using the young lady as a case study, we shall discuss her demands one after the other and what made them met.
She wanted to marry a man who was ready to be her father. Fine! Anyone that will make this demand must be prepared to be a child, in this case, a daughter. She must be prepared to take instructions.
Who wants a disobedient child? No one! Obedience is what will make a demand for a father to be met.
To the Ephesian children, and to every child, Apostle Paul has this to say,
‘1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.
2 “Honor your father and mother”, which is the first commandment with a promise:
3″that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” Ephesians 6:1-3.
The young lady in question must have come across, meditate on and understand what these verses mean. She must have vowed to live a life of a daughter to have a man who will be a father as a spouse.
Note what the sister had prepared to do:
1. She had prepared to obey the man as a father according to Godly instructions.
2. She knew what was right and was prepared to do exactly that.
3. She was prepared to honor her father.
She had a perfect understanding of what awaits her for doing this. What are the benefits? Two were mentioned in verse three thus:
1. That it may be well with her.
2. That she may live long on the earth. A great secret of longevity!
So many single mothers run the risk of premature death as a result of emotional upheaval, that are sometimes avoidable.
Failure of any woman that demands a man who will be a father to her to know these rudiments and abide by them will surely create a loopehole, that can not be filled. So many women want to live well and long but are not ready to sow the seed that leads to reaping what they want abundantly.
The peaceful home you want is nearby if you are ready to be an obedient child. Every child that obeys her father can be confident of her father’s unfailing love, protection anytime and anywhere.
Do you want your husband to be a father to you? Be prepared to obey him! Proverbs 4:1-2 read,
‘Hear, my children,the instruction of a father,
And give attention to
know understanding;
For I give you good doctrine:
Do not forsake my law.’
Therefore, obey your father-husband in the Lord. Do not forsake his law and doctrines according to the will of God.
NB: Every Bible verse is taken from New King James Version.


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Five Demands Of A Young Lady.   1 comment

Male or female, many people get married without having any knowledge of what the term ‘marriage’ is and what it entails. Not only this, they have no specific demands from their would-be partners before solemnisation of their relationship.
Today, what abounds is ‘accidental marriages’.
Accidental marriages have no foundation; or in other words, they have foundations based on falsehood or deceit. So many people just became spouses before they could think of marriage or of what their plans are for a marriage. Any of such relationship can colapse like a house of cards at any time and by anything.
A man of God made a statement recently about male-female relationship thus: ‘Marriage begins after wedding’. It is true in its entirety! I will like to put it this way: ‘Marriage begins before wedding and continues after it’. Many couples engaged only in ‘wedding’ and were never married. No real joining together! No fusing! No becoming ‘one flesh’!
Now, let me ask you this question: What were (are) your demands from your spouse before you got married (or now that you are married) or before your wedding?
Your demands will define your relationship very well. You will know when your demands are supplied and when they are not.
Your demands will prove what you stand for at anytime. Without demands, you stand for nothing and will fall for anything, sweet, sour or bitter. You will not have any meaningful reason or point to complain or pray about.
A young lady, many years ago, was wooed by a young and dynamic man to be his wife. The lady sincerely answered him,’I am still single. I am not engaged to any man. No suitor yet. I am ready to be your wife if you are prepared to meet my five demands. If you have yours, let me know if I can meet them’.
What were the five demands of the beautiful lady? Do you want to know them? Read on! The husband-to-be said, ‘What are your five demands?’ The young woman answered, ‘Any man that will be my husband for life must be ready to be my
1. Father
2. Companion
3. Friend
4. Husband
5. Pastor or Shepherd.
Are you ready to be these five-in-one man in my life?’ The young man ruminated over it for a moment but at last said, ‘Yes, I am ready’.
I thank the Lord for the life of the couple today. Their family is a very good example of what a christian (an ideal) home should be. Their names are the same thing with success in all ramifications.
What are your own marital demands? Go to work on yours today and make it known to your spouse or spouse-to-be. You can take from ,add to or use the one listed by the sister mentioned in this piece. If you do, your home will be a paragon of peace. A paradise on earth. Stay blessed and rapturable!

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A Fool Is A Fool   Leave a comment

A fool is a fool,
Dont be a fool.

A fool can be rich,
He remains a bitch.

‘I, me, my, myself’
Are the words of a fool.

A fool, a rich fool,
Who thinks not of others.

A fool is a fool,
Don’t be a fool.

A fool can be married,
And have children.

She may have a home,
She will pulls it down:
With her own hands.

An enemy of her children,
No compassion for the young ones she has.

A fool is a fool,
Don’t be a fool,
That your labour might not be in vain.

A fool is always a fool,
Lifted up, crowned or
In a place of authority.

Don’t be a fool,
For the foolishness of
A fool will mar him.

Don’t be a fool,
’cause a fool will wail
Like a jackal
And mourn like an Ostrich.

Don’t be an Ostrich,
Whose wounds are
And will lick her
finger forever.

Seek peace,
Seek rest,
Seek wisdom,
Seek knowledge,
Seek understanding.

Do not resign to fate,
Loss is not your lot.
Seek peace! Pursue peace!
Until your Jerusalem has peace.

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