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Love’s Look-alikes (Part II).   Leave a comment

In the first part of this post, I discussed with my readers the first Love’s Look-alike which is also a four letter word ‘LUST’.
In this second part, I want to call your attention to the second ‘Love’s Look-alike’ which is called ‘evil desires’ or ‘evil concupiscence’. This also looks like love in operation but the motive or driving force behind it is ‘evil’, another four-letter word.
Those who have evil desire(s) seek only to do harm to others in the name of ‘LOVE’. They can go to any length to achieve their aims. They pretend to be ‘in love’.
They also hide their evil motive behind ‘I love you’, ‘My love’, ‘My dearest one, ‘My one and only’, and so on. It is only those who can discern or carefully watch their, ‘the lovers’, motive and are guided by their Maker that will not fall into their trap.
They are roaring lions (lionesses) going about whom to swallow. They expose their nudity to attract their prey(s). They dangle their ‘apples of destruction’, and other such likes, before the careless or carefree ‘would-be victims’. All that they want is to swallow up.
What do they want to swallow? They want to swallow your
a) money or wealth;
b) private parts, manhood or womanhood;
c) health, by sowing the seed of diseases into your body to nurse for the rest of your life. By going about from man to man or woman to woman, sometimes, they have acquired enough diseases to spread to others;
d) spirit. They want to devor you spiritually to ensure that you are of no value to yourself, your generation and God. They want to ruin your relationship with God;
e) life. They want to sniff life out of you to give you death in two ways:
1. They want you to die physically and be no more. That is, that you may depart from this planet earth forever.
2. They want you to die the second death, so that you may end up in eternal damnation. That is, you may end in torment in hell fire after your departure from here. They don’t want you to have rest after your life here.
These roaring lions and lionnesses are in two groups:
One, those who are ignorant of the consequences of what they are doing. I can say that they are doing so ‘unknowingly’.
The Savior of the world prayed for such people thus, ‘Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing’.
What such people need is a genuine repentance that will lead to real forgiveness. This is honestly searching their hearts sincerely and regret all evils they have done, to themselves, other fellows and before their Maker.
They need to return to God, who own them. They must believe in the only begotten Son of God who had died for their evil acts to redeem them from their wrong doings forever.
They must join the assembly of others who have done the same. That is, they had repented of their past misdeeds and gave their lives to Jesus Christ, who are now saints.
They all need a copy each of the Living Manual, The Holy Bible. In it, each must meditate (read and deeply think about) day and night with the intention of doing according to what they read. It is then they will see light to walk in for the rest of their lives.
Not only this, they will get the real love the craved. Sex is just a ‘minor’ part of the benefits that ‘Love’ offers.
My dear reader, I am not talking of religion, please! There are so many religious people who are among these ‘lions and lionnesses’ going about to destroy. I am telling you about a new life in your Creator thsough Jesus Christ.
Two, those who are ‘agents of destruction’. This group were sent by their master from the spirit realm to do this. They are always ‘on duty’ carrying out their job as specified for them. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it.
As well, they are happy on the job. They ‘hide’ under the terms reserved for real lovers to carry out their evil acts.
As I bring this piece into a conclusion, I pray that the light of God’s truth begins to work in your heart and may Jesus Christ reveal Himself to you in a way no man can.


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Love Look-Alikes (Part One).   3 comments

There are people nowadays that do not know or understand what the four-letter word ‘LOVE’ is.
As a result of this ignorance, many, male and female, young and old, are involved in something else. They want what only LOVE can give by other means, but at the end of the day, they lose out.
What they pursue look like love but they are different. They use ‘terms’ reserved for those who are sincerely in love as a cover-up but they lick their fingers later.
For the purpose of educating this decaying generation, and possibly the coming one, let me briefly discuss with you, two “LOVE LOOK-ALIKES”.
This shares many things with love. For instance, “Lust” and “Love” are four-letter words each. Is that right? You can do the counting yourself.
However, one of the major difference is that “Lust” has its origin in the flesh while “Love” is more of the Spirit.
Lust always seeks how to please the flesh. After doing this, the one in lust will hate himself, the lust partner or wants more satisfaction for the flesh.
Flesh, flesh, flesh is the song of lust anytime, anywhere. How can you know the operational method of lust? Please , read on.
There’s an entry point.
The eyes are the entry points of lust. That is why the Holy Scripture speaks of “Lust of the eyes”.
The moment the person in lust sets eyes on the fellow of his/her target, he/she begins to work on how to fulfill the lust of the flesh.
Do you like to call it “immorality”? You are not wrong!
Borrowed Terms.
What follows is the use of terms or words meant for true lovers. Such words or terms include, “my dear”, “my dearest one”, “my sweetie”, “my honey”, “my lover”, etc.
These words are used to blindfold the other person to bring him/her into the “net of lust”. These terms are from deceitful lips
To those in lust, they say “Love without sex is like tea without sugar”. Before long, they reduce everything to sex only.
They think that sex and love are synonyms. That is not love, my friend. Lust and sex are synonymous anytime and anyday.
Distance can easily separate those in “lust”.
After satisfying their lust for a season, the seed of lust is burnt up. The search begins for another lust partner. The cycle repeats itself all over again.
Some people in lust have multiple “lust fellows” deceptively called “lovers” worldwide. They are never satisfied with sex. They are sex machines.
Do you know what? They are sometimes not only proud of being this but they advertise their competence and prowess.
They are quick to cover their evil acts with “I am in love with…” . To show their lust, they say and do nasty things that ought not be done. This is not love at all!
Let me draw this to a conclusion by stating that “sex” is designed and permitted by God, the Creator of all things, ONLY between two married persons of two different sexes, a male and a female.
Anything beside this is against the plan of the Creator to whon we are going to give account of how we spend our lives. Be wise, lust not.
If you are interested in having a peaceful home of your own instead of being Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Available for anybody, follow my blog reserved for this purpose at Do the same to if you are interested in kingdom matters.
God, your Maker has the best plan for you and your sex life than you can ever imagine. Be wise, follow the Lord! Watch out for the second part of this piece.
Please share this with as many people as possible.

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Am I In Love?   Leave a comment

Am I in love?
Truly I must ask:
Am I in love?

Sincerely I must search
My own heart to ask:
Am I in love?

Honestly I must answer the question:
Am I in love?

Am I in love,
When I daily count,
The faults of my lover?

Am I in love,
When I hourly take stock
Of my lover’s weakness?

Am I in love,
When I maitain a diary
Of my lover’s past sins?

Am I in love,
When I find it difficult
To forget and forgive?

Am I in love,
When I, like a cat hunts a mouse,
Look for only my lover’s mistakes?

Am I in love,
When I think evil
Of the one I love?

Which kind of love
Do I have then?
A love that thinks only of its own.

Which type of love
Do I profess to have?
A love that never forgives.

A love that never forgets
The misdeeds of my lover.
A love that never cares!

A love that thinks of its own gains,
A love that rejoices in iniquity;
A love that can fail any time!

I must be a lover,
Who is indeed in love;
Always ready to sacrifice
For the comfort of the one I love!

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