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Love Is A Bird   2 comments

Love has been compared with many things depending on what the writer or speaker wanted to bring out.

So it is with this piece.

Love is a bird! A bird flies depending on its strength. It can soar high if enabled.

If any bird will fly high or low, it needs two wings. Take one of the two wings away and it becomes incapacitated. Anyone can toy with it.

So it is with LOVE!

I have heard many men and women complain that their spouse DO NOT love them. However, a close examination of their relationship revealed that they were the ones who failed to love their spouse.

Many people have the wrong notion that they are the ones to be loved and they should not love.

This is not God’s plan for lovers.

You must love and be loved. Then and only then can your love soar very high.

My private study showed that those who do not love and crave someone who will love them are only looking for someone to exploit, sell or destroy.

Please, as from today, show your sincere love to be loved in return!


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