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The Content Of Your heart Attracts…   Leave a comment

The young man’s ailment began with a little headache that grew into a serious sickness until he lost his breath. He was the only child of his mother who was a widow.

During the period, rain ceased, dew failed and there was no mist.

Every herb was a ghost of itself in that all trees had no lifel. Every river and brook dried up. The sun blazed with all strength people were uncomfortable.

One afternoon, the widow went out to a nearby bush to gather sticks. As she was busy, a voice said,

“Good afternoon ma’am.” a man greeted her perspiring as he held his skin bag by his side.

“Good afternoon sir.” she answered without paying attention to him; but continued to gather sticks.

“Please, madam! Kindly give me some water.”

“Yes sir!” hasty, she abandoned the few sticks gathered and was going to satisfy him when the Prophet added as he sat on a log of wood, “Please, bring with it a plate of meal that I may eat!”

” No sir! I’ve no food at home. The handful flour left and a little oil are the reasons I’m gathering sticks to prepare them that my child and I may eat and breath our last anytime after.”

“Be at peace! Go and prepare that for me first. Your bag of flour will not be exhausted and container of oil will not be empty until the famine is over.” Prophet Elijah declared, as he smiled and wiped sweat from his face.

She went and did as commanded.

She invited the man to her house and they lived together until the famine was over.

While others were dying from hunger, the widow, her child and Prophet Elijah were fully fed because his pronouncement was established.

Other friends of the widow benefited when they heard sizzling from her kitchen.

This replacement of death with life meant nothing to the woman.

Her thoughts were many and varied. “What kind of man is this? He’s a hairy wayfarer. A bald head with a mouth fenced by busy hair. He’s a complete opposite of my dead husband. He was alone when I met him and never mentioned his wife or child.”

She always pondered, “His clothes are not costly or many and always wore a leather belt around his waist.”

She finally concluded, “Can this be an holy man of God? Is the word of God in his mouth?”

The Lord heard and acted on the negative thoughts of her heart. So He spoke the only “language” she could understand very well to convince her.

So, He struck the only son that he died.

She accused the Prophet wrongly, “What have I to do with you, O man of God? Have you come to me to bring my sin to rememberance and to kill my son?”

The man of God took her son, stretched himself on the lifeless body, eye to eye, mouth to mouth hand to hand and nose to nose and breathed into his nostrils. He did this three times and called on the Lord his God to return the young man’s soul to him.

The young man became a living being again.

It was then that the woman expressed her earlier unbelief in the man of God thus, “NOW BY THIS I KNOW that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is the truth.”

1.Scriptures quoted are from the New King James Version of the Bible.
2. Capitals were added.


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Are You A Stranger To Yourself?   Leave a comment

A Professor of Mathematics discovered his love for the subject early in life.

He “invented” a formula to solve an equation which was used as a student and taught his students for many years.

One strange thing about him was: he never saw any of his own manuscripts as a student. Also no one ever complained about his formula; so he was happy about it. In the last year of his career, he condemned his own formulated formula when he gave a student zero using that formula for the same equation.

What will you say has happened to him and (or) his formula?

This was a perfect description of Clara, a grandma with five daughters and a son. Her BOTH (Baby Of The House), last born, was only ten years old.

One cool Sunday afternoon, when service was just over, Clara, the wife of a Clergyman, was at home planning what she and her household would eat. About six visitors were in their sitting room with Chinedu reciting some of the Rhymes and Poems she was taught in school.

Suddenly, Clara emerged from her livingroom and walked toward her daughter, “Will you keep quiet?” she retorted, folding her left hand fingers and placing them on her waist; her right index finger placed on her lips.

“You’re disturbing the peace of other people in this house.” she added, folding her right hand fingers and placing them on her waist.

“Please ma, allow her to carry out some revisions of her school work. She may have to lower her voice.” one of the visitors was trying to plead with Clara, putting her palms together as if she was praying.

“Thank you madam. I understand but if allowed to do it silently, soon, her voice will be raised again and occupants of the next buildings around us will loose their peace.” she explained, facing the woman who pleaded.

“It is her custom and tradition,” she continued, turning to Chinedu, her voice now amplified, everyone in the vicinity could hear her “to talk endlessly. I saw her many times on the way to school, in company of her friends, her lips were busy like a manual typewriter: Pra-pa-ta-pa-ta, pra-pa-ta-pa-ta- pa-ta-ta…”

As she uttered those words, her voice continued to grow louder as she gave Chnedu a scornfull look to register further her disgust for her verbosity.

Clara continued, “I’ve seen you during breaktime in the school, assembling your classmates who listened to your “God-knows-what” that you tell them. You never listen to their contributions. What do you even talk about non-stop?” she asked nodding her head forcefully like a lizard.

All this while, Chinedu had adjusted her sitting position; head on the arm of an executive cushion chair. Her cheek rested on the right palm- concentrating and absorbing every word from her mother’s mouth.

Clara concluded, “As if all those were not enough, after school hours, she engaged in her talking business; clapping and squizing her lips. You’re a talkative, stop it!”

As she turned away to attend to some household chores, Chinedu stood up, beckoned to her mother as she folded her fingers and placed them on her waist as her mother did. She said, “Mummy, listen! Who gave birth to me?”

“Of course I did!”

“Who breastfed me?”

“Yes I did. What has that…”

“Mummy wait!” Chinedu cut in, flagging her left hand before returning it to her waist.

“Who babywalked me?”

“I did with your older siblings…”

“Under your supervision and watchful eyes?”

“Yes, of course.” Clara answered recalling those sweet memories.

“Do you know that all along, I’ve been watching and learning from you?” Chinedu asked facing her mother confidently.

In the house for a few moment, one can hear a pin-drop.

“Do you know that my secret prayer is that I should be a razor-tongued lady like my mother?” Chinedu resumed

“If I’m a talkative as you alleged, mummy, you’re a “talkaholic”. If it is bad to be a talkative, then it’s sad that I’ve taken after a bad model, that’s you!”

Chinedu rounded off and took her seat, drew a wooden stool and rested her feet on it.

“No! No! You’re not taking after me. You resemble your father.” Clara protested vehemently.


.Everyone present echoed, shaking their heads in disagreement with Clara’s declaration because the man of God was known to be soft spoken and reasoned with others from the Word of God.

1. Talkaholic is not a word from the dictionary but coined to show the excessiveness of Clara’s words.
2. This is a true life story with little modifications.
3. Every parent is an example for his/her children.

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A Food For Thought   Leave a comment

A man came back from church on a Sunday afternoon and lifted his wife up.

The wife said, “Honey, this is a new one; you haven’t done this before. This shows you love me.”

The man replied, “Our Pastor said we should lift our problems to God.”

Please, is this true (of you)?

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Love Is A Bird 2   Leave a comment

In the last article, we discussed love as a bird. It was pointed out that a bird with one wing is weak; it cannot fly and can easily be killed.

So was it with Samson!

Samson was deeply in love with Delilah but the woman was not in love whatsoever. Her frequent demand was “I know you do not love me. If you love me, tell me where your great power is.”

The man wanted to convince her of his true love; he told her!

What followed? Samson was sold into the hand of his enemies who removed his eyes and tortured him. Read details in The Book of Judges, chapter 16.

Do you want more love from your spouse? Show more love to him/her!

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