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An Evil Act Of Fathers.   Leave a comment

For the purpose of this piece, A FATHER include:
1. A married man who is blessed with a female child.
2. A man, married or single, who, by any means, happened to be the first male a young girl has to be close to.

Everyday, people go to marrriage registry to pledge their love to each other “until death parts us”. This same “pair” of people still go to courts of law to tell Judges “We want you to dissolve our marrriage because we cannot continue as husband and wife.”. This happens soon or late.

What a great contradiction!

This was (and still is) not God’s plan to institute marrriage.

One unassailable but little known truth is that fathers contribution to this unpleasant scenario is great. Fathers are not aware that they directly destroy the future homes of their daughters.

Do you want to know how?

Every woman is expected to be a home builder. A woman does this with her wisdom. Now, there are lots a young girl needs to know about a man. This must begin from her father’s house.

Do you know that first impression lasts long? The first man in a woman’s life, in most cases, is her father. Whatever knowledge she gathers from him will form an initial and lasting impression in her heart. How a young girl perceives her father determines her perception of other men, most especially her husband, in the future.

If “first impression lasts long”, which impression do you give your daughter(s)?

A man whose wife gave birth to a beautiful girl once hissed and left the maternity home in rage when he was so informed. He was not happy and hated the wife for it. What a mess!

Do you think this father will love the little girl as she grew up? The answer nay be “No!”. If the girl fails to experience a father’s love, do you think she will truly trust any man’s love in the future?

It will be easier for such any woman in this category to leave her husband on any flimsy excuse. In the first instance, such go into marriage for other reasons rather than love.

Brutal fathers wound the hearts if their daughters, thus making them potential haters of men, ditto their husbands.

This type of fathers deny their daughters necessary “masculine training” required to weather the storms of their lives, most especially those of their homes. They make them available for “old women fables” that sometimes work against their success in future.

Are you one of the brutal fathers? Are you unkind to your daughter(s)? A you like a lion to her? Can you be approached by her for anything?

Today, you must have a complete change of attitude. You must not indirectly destroy the future joy of a family that your daughter ought to build.

I love an old man’s statement. I met him at an immigration office in 2013. He had many daughters and a lone son. He confidently said, “I trained my daughters like men. There is nothing they cannot do and they can easily adapt to any situation.”.

That is a father fir you!

Therefore, make yourself available to your daughter(s). Speak kindly to her. Cherish her. Do not deny her the joy from a father which you can give. Your position in her life is crucial as the first man she grew up to know in her life. Begin to help build your daughter’s future home today. Let her have confidence in you. Permit her to to have gut to confide in you. Allow her to trust you.

If you do not treat your daughter like a Princess, it may be a spill over from your past. Perhaps, your mother did not treat you like a Prince. The ill-treatment must come to an end. Please do this.

Do you want your heart to be healed of past childhood wounds? Please, visit regularly, if possible, follow my blog, You will not regret doing so. This is where I share the secrets of a peaceful home.
Be informed or reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ’s coming soon. Stay blessed and rapturable.


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An Evil Act Of Mothers.   Leave a comment

Note that for the purpose of this article, A MOTHER includes
1. A married woman who is blessed with a male child;
2. Any lady who, by circumstances, happens to be the first woman in a male child’s life.

Nowadays, marrriages are contracted on daily basis and they crash so soon. It sad to note that marrriages expire within a short period of being contracted.

There is story of a marrriage that lasted twenty-seven days. It was a wedding that attracted “movers and shakers” in the society.

On bitter pill that a mother will not want to swallow is that many times, they are the architects of their children’s marital misfortune(s).

As a mother, is your heart wounded with these words? Thar is the truth!

A mother in many ways obstruct the success of their children’s marrriages. Let me focus on the early life of your male children.

Let me start with a grandma’s statement many years ago. Her son wanted one of his male children to live with her so that she would not suffer from loneliness. The woman’s reply was,
“I don’t want a male dog to live with me. If you have interest in allowing any of your children to live with me, let the person be a girl. If I take care of a male dog, he will not come back to reward me later.”

What do you think?

So many mothers are this grandma. They never see anything good in their male children. They do not fail to demonstrate there perfect hatred for them by all means.

About ten years ago, I heard about a confessional statement of a mother to a great man of God.

What was it?

She said to her son, the first of her twin children,
“Taiwo, I want you to forgive me today. My sin was that on the day I gave birth to you as twin.brothers, I was sad to hear that you were both boys because I was expecting a girl . If I had got the opportunity, I would have killed both of you at birth. I demand your forgiveness in that your wife is nore than any blood daughter. I receive from her more affection than I hope for from any daughter.”

That is one thing.

Another thing I want to emphasise here is that it is possible for you to ruin your son’s marriage before he is matured for it.

A truth you must know is that you are the first woman you son knows. You are the first female to interact with closely. His heart is plain and clean, so what you write on that heart will remain indelible forever. The possibility is thar he will see every woman in your light. He will perceive every female as you are.

If you allow him to grow up to know you as his enemy, it will be very difficult for any woman to convince him that she loves him.

Not only this, he will not invest his true love in any female. He may appear “as if” he is in love with a lady, the old wound continues to prevent him from doing so genuinely. When he appears to do so, it becomes a conditional love.

He loves for an ulterior motive like to have a bed mate, a breeding machine, and so on.

After some time, it will be easier for the devil to carry out his evil work in this type of marrriage. That is one of the reasons a twenty or more than thirty years old marriage comes to an end abruptly. The man can easily conclude, “I have got what I want from her. Let her go in the way she likes.” I have heard many such men saying, “If not for child bearing, who needs a woman!”

Can you see that it is an evil act for a mother to hate her son? Do you understand the gravity of not loving a son ?

To buttress this, let me give you an assignment:
1. Do you enjoy your husband’s unreserved and unconditional love? Or do you miss it?

Probe into the heart of your man to know his relationship with his mother, remember who is a mother in this piece.

You are now either a beneficiary or a victim of a previous relationship.

2. Please, think deeply about this from a woman,
“A man who treats his wife as a Princess must have been raised by a Queen.”
Are you a Queen raising men who will treat their wives as Princesses?

Who do you want to be? A builder or destroyer? The options are before you, choose right.
Remember, the Lord Jesus is coming soon with rewards. Prepare to meet Hin.

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Am I Matured To Be Married? (Concluding Part).   Leave a comment

So far, four of the six areas to be matured before you can venture into marrriage had been discussed. These include, Physical, spiritual, emotional and financial areas of maturity. Now, let us continue:

Mental Maturity.
This can also be called having a matured mind.
Before you will ever contemplate going into marriage, you must ask yourself, “Am I matured in mind?”

It is only a matured mind that will be sound and pure. Do you have this? You can read 2 Timothy 1:7; 2 Peter 3:16 from the Holy Bible.

A pure and sound mind are always filled with Godly knowledge, wisdom and understanding to live a successful marital life. A close examination of every happy home reveals the presence of these essential elements who are companions.

In Luke chapter 2:52, we read about the King of kings thus,
“An Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” New King James Version of the Scriptures.

Therefore, you cannot afford to miss having a matured mind filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
The expressed key to a woman’s success in the home is put this way by the Scriptures:
“The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1. New King James Version.

You must have knowledge about
1. How to read and write. It is never too late to learn.
2. God and his ways of dealing with mankind.
3. Marrriage and all that it entails.
4. How to make a marrriage work.
5. How to satisfy your household with your fingers. A kitchen is a powerful place. Do you call it the most powerful? You are right!
6. A man and a woman and the difference between them.
7. How to handle children and their common and special behavior.
8. Anything that can propel a happy home.

You must also understand very well all that you learn. Do not be like a nursery school pupil who can brilliantly recite a rhyme but does not understand what he says.

You must as well apply what you know and understand with wisdom at the right time and place. Do the right thing to the right people at the right time and place.

You can see the application of these three perfectly in my article titled, “The Acts of Father Abraham.” at

Therefore, you must be able to say like the Psalmist
“I will behave wisely in a perfect way. Oh, when you come to me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.” Psalm 101:2 New king James version.

Before you venture into marriage, you must find time to ask yourself “Am I matured socially to be married?”. This is very important too. The instruction of Jesus Christ is
“You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” Mark 12:31, NKJV.

This is the nucleus of every relationship. It is only IF you are matured socially can you do to others as you want them to you. You cannot love others as yourself except you have have overcome the power controlling “I, My, mine and me”.

Loving others as yourself is the only right weapon that can efficiently crush selfishness.

In my counselling experience, I have come across wives who will receive their own salaries and spend same as they wanted to but lay ambush for their husbands’.

In the same way, I have come across husbands who lavish their income on non-essentials but will attack their wives if they refuse to give account of what they earn.

Who should lord it over the other? This should not be the case.

Relationship is all about sowing and reaping. You must be socially matured to sow love to reap love. Sow peace to reap same.

The Holy Bible even sets a standard when it admonishes believers to,
“Depart from evil and do good,
Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14. NKJV.

Let me not take much of you time on this. Simply think, find out and embrace what it will cost you to recover lost phone and how you will pursue a career.

Do more for your marrriage. If you are not ready to do this, you are not mature to be married.

Take note that no matter your culture, your marrriage will involve others, even if after marrriage, you and your loved one determine to live in the forest, birds and animals are waiting for you.

How will you relate with them?

The Scriptures declare Jesus to have “increased…in favor with God and men.” You cannot do less, most especially if you are a child of God. You must also increase in favor with God and men.

So many people have poor human relations. This had been the undoing of many marrriages.

Many singles claim they cannot tolerate others’ opinions. They will oppose any opinion no matter how good so long it contradicts theirs.

If you are matured socially, you can change others opinions without offence. If you are wrong, you will own up.
Stay blessed and rapturable.

Am I Matured To Be Married? (Part four)   Leave a comment

Already in the earlier parts of this discussion, I have discussed three areas a person must be matured before engaging in marrriage. These are physical, spiritual and emotional.

Now, let us proceed to the fourth point.

Financial/Economic Maturity.
This is not a call to running after wealth or to live only to pursue money.

Love not money! Register it in your heart that,
“He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver;
Nor he who loves abundance, with increase.” Ecclesiastes 5:10

This is true forever!

The danger inherent in the above words is to “love” money or acquisition of possessions. This is the root of every evil. However, both are needed as tools or servants to achieve success in marrriage ditto life in general.

The purpose of this discussion is to stress the essence of being financially or economically sound before venturing into marriage. This will ensure building a solid foundation for a stable home where you can experience peace and joy.

“Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of your vain life which He has given you under the sun all your days of vanity; for that is your portion in life, and in the labour which you perform under the sun.
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might: for there is no work, or device or knowledgeor wisdom in the grave where you are going. ” Ecclesiastes 9:9-10. (New King James Version).

From the above verses, I think you can discern that the Lord, your Creator wants you to live joyfully with your spouse in love throughout your life.

This is your portion in life.

To claim this right calls for hardwork. Nothing good and desirable comes without a cost. Be ready to labor by paying the price. Use whatever means available legally to earn income to live on and support your household.

At a seminar held in August 2014, I told those youth present that they are not matured for marrriage UNTIL they can answer the simple but powerful question , “My dear, what shall we eat this morning, afternoon or evening?”

The Scriptures support this,
“But if anyone does not provide for his household, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Timothy 5:5.

Do not forget that HE in the quotation is for both gender. Remember that a woman is a “helpmeet” to her husband. A woman also should be able to add to her man’s provisions, use them judiciously and profitably.

A woman should be able to answer the question “Mummy, what shall we eat?” from every member of her household.

Please, find time to read the activities of a virtuous woman in Proverbs chapter number thirty-one starting from verse ten to thirty one. You will see essential reasons a woman must be matured financially too.

There are always challenges in every marrriage . For instance, it is only a financially matured woman who will sustain her home successfully if the man loses his job or suffers a business failure suddenly.

Therefore, as a young person, do not plan to be a liability to your home and generation. Instead, be an asset; engage in honest job to earn a living.

The Scriptures discloses,
“Let him who stole steal no longer, but rather let him labor, working with his hands what is good, that he may have something to give him who has need.” Ephesians 4:28. New King James Version.

Do not rely on your parents’ financial muscles alone. Your parents have their legs, you also have yours. Or do you walk with your parents’ legs?

If your parents matured financially and can even sustain your own home, be matured too.

Let me mention about three reasons you must not totally depend on your parents’ wealth for the rest of your life:
1. You will be able to sustain your home in case your parents suffer any business failures. No one prays for such but it happens.

2. You will know the value of money more and how to handle it with care. You will not become a wealth waster.

3. It will also afford you the opportunity to support and sustain your parents’ wealth even after their demise.
Do you now know that you must be matured financially?
Stay blessed and rapturable because the Lord is coming soon.
It continues in the next piece! Please, bear with me…?

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Am I Matured To Be Married?   Leave a comment

In part two of this article, I have discussed two of the six areas you must be matured before you can contemplate marriage. These are Physical and Spiritual maturity.

Now, let me continue with the next ones.

Emotional Maturity.
As of the time of writing this piece, I heard a news report on a radio station that a three-month old marriage failed. The reason given was that the husband used to beat his wife mercilessly.

Huuuuuh! Do you say it is a crude and an uncivilized way of life? Yes! I agree with you.

A little analysis will surely reveal that both were not matured emotionally. To save lives, a court of law allowed them to part ways and costs were awarded.


However, was that marrriage a success? No! Do you know that something that was wrongly handled started it all?

Let me state here that the marrriage lived long. A three-month old one dissolved? Read this also:

A wedding ceremony took place in Nigeria more than a decade ago which gulped millions of dollars which involved a senior army officer who led a young lady to the altar.

Great and influential people graced the wedding ceremony with expensive gifts given. It is sad that the marrriage lasted only twenty-seven (27) days.

What were the reasons given by the couple in the court of law?
The wife who initiated divorce accused the husband of “unconventional sexual demands”.

The man also accused her of “being a gold digger” who was only interested in his money.

These are weak reasons that brought a potential successful marrriage to a halt abruptly. An emotional maturity could have helped them; it can help those going in their way also.

To be emotionally matured also begins and ends with God. Every man and woman must follow the right path like the nation of Judah.


“And all Judah rejoiced at the oath, for they had sworn with all their heart and sought Him with all their soul; and He was found by them, and the Lord gave them rest all round.” 2 Chronicles 15:15; New King James Version.

Do you want rest all round? If your answer is “yes!”, then you must walk in the right way to receive it.
Your soul or place of desire must be the Lords. Mark 12:30 requires you to
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart (spirit)”, with all your soul (emotions), with all your mind (mental) and with all your strength(physical)”. New King James Version. Words in brackets were added.

If you can do this, your emotions will be under the strict control of the spirit of God. You will not do anything on impulses. You will not be rash.

Not only this, you deserve spiritual food which is available in the Holy Bible. You must feast on it regularly to know what is good for your life and to flee from those poisonous materials dangerous to it.

It is only then that you can be “deaf” as a man and “blind” as a woman.

What does this mean?

A “deaf” man does not hear what a woman says to provoke him. It is only when you are blind as a woman that you will not see the faults or wrong acts of your man or man-to-be that can irritate you.
With the help of the Spirit of God, you should be able to control your emotions.

Your emotional maturity will be hastened if you are very close to the Word of God. It will reveal to you how to deal with every negative emotions.

For example, the Scriptures declares,
“Anger rests in the bosom of fools.” Ecclesiastes 7:9.
Then, do you want to be a fool? God forbid! It is worthy of note that anger is an emotion that easily destroys things.

Let me give you an example here:

An emotionally matured woman was called on phone by her husband to meet him in his office so they could go home together in his car.

The woman demanded that he comes to her office to give her the ride because it was about to rain . The man refused because it was “easier” for her to come to his office and go home. The man’s office was on the way to their house.

After the man could no longer wait, he went home alone.

It rained heavily in such a way that the woman could not escape it.

Before she arrived home, her husband was well prepared for accusations from her and defense was solid.

He was grossly disappointed!

On arrival, the wife presented him with two hot fresh ears of corn, her husband’s delight. He protected them with everything she had to ensure it remained fresh and warm, the rain notwithstanding.

Can you do this?

I think you understand better what being emotionally matured means.

“Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:31-32.

Therefore, be emotionally matured, please!
Stay blessed and rapturable.

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Your Home In February.   Leave a comment

I welcome you and every member of your household to the hope filled month of February.

Every satanic strategy to pull down your home will fail. You will not break or puncture your pot of joy in Jesus Name.

May you and members of your home experience the goodness of God in new dimensions as you move closer to Him in Jesus Name.

Do not fail to tell or remind everybody around you that the Lord is coming soon.
Be prepared to meet Him.

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