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Inhospitality was the undoing of my people because it brought a ten-generation curse them.
At the expiration of the curse, when a reversal was about to take place, I dived in and started to swim in the pool of love at the invitation of a young and vibrant young man who was full of life.

Although, he and his family were sojourners in my father’s land, love broke racial barriers.

That was how my tree fell on the spot where it decayed, because I had it in mind that I will be a man’s wife and not a marital excursionist.

My Creator, who had given my people to debased mind to do those things which were not fitting, had removed the vail from my mind because I had come in contact with the Light of Israel that illuminated the life of every member of my new family.

I became keen in the God of Israel whose way, worship and words were not like those of other gods. The stories of His past acts of deliverance endeared Him more into my heart.

I saw that His people were priviledged and peculiar who enjoyed uncommon favor, mercy, protection and His love.

Suddenly, the cold hand of death terminated my husband’s life before I could bear him a child.

However, these two did not frozen my burning love for Jehovah.

I have fused myself into Him unchangeably!

After the sweet life of my mother-in-law became wormwood by her losses: death of her husband and two sons, she purposed to return to his home land in Bethlehem.

She tried to dissuade me and my rival, the wife of my husband’s brother. She wanted us to go back to our people and gods.

Orphah’s feeble house of love built on sand crumbled after a kiss and she turned back.

Dissuasion from my cherished mother-in-law did not make me to kiss her “goodbye” but I cleaved to her with a strong determination to leave my people and gods.

I did not know then that my Creator designed me for reconciliation of my race with His chosen people.

A curse was about to be broken by my singular serious decision.

It came to pass as my submission guarrantteed my success.

It was not in me to run after men, young or old, poor or rich. However, one evening my mother-in-law called me to do what I would not normally do -to express my love to a man first.

This time it was for my good!

My steps were ordered into the life of a man of great wealth and strong destiny,Boaz, according to the wise counsel of an exprienced and sincerely loving person.

In the twighlight of that day, I sneeked into the man’s threshing floor.

I set his heart on fire!

He swung into action because he took gradual steps. He was not in a hurry as I also waited patiently to see what outcome would be. He did not rest until he ensured that his abode became my place of rest.

It later came to pass, as devised by the Lord God of Israel, under whose cover I went to have a refuge.

Before my courage could falter, He blessed me with a son, Obed.

People rejoiced with me and Naomi, my mother-in-law, because the One I trusted when there seemed to be no hope did not disappoint me.

I, Ruth, a Moabite did not only entered the assembly of God’s people, my root grew downwards and I grew upwards to bear fruits bountifully as I was included in the royal line of David.

That was the story of my quiet victory for my race!

Author’s note: This story was based on Deuteronomy 23:3 and the book of Ruth.


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