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Melody Of Love   Leave a comment

In the month of Mercy, May,
I did not know what to say.

The Holy Spirit came to help,
To begin a journey I must keep.

On the twenty-seven of the month,
Together we met, Mercy and Truth.

In a place of rejoicing,
Eating, drinking,dancing.

For which animals were killed,
There, righteousness and peace kissed.

Hesitantly, reluctantly, unwillingly,
Exchanges were made hopefully.

Goodness and Mercy ought to follow,
As love and peace may grow.

To flourish like a fruit tree near a river,
And blossom as the tree will never wither.

May the Lord bring His will to pass,
To bind us together to flourish and blossom as each day pass.

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A Fool Is A Fool   Leave a comment

A fool is a fool,
Dont be a fool.

A fool can be rich,
He remains a bitch.

‘I, me, my, myself’
Are the words of a fool.

A fool, a rich fool,
Who thinks not of others.

A fool is a fool,
Don’t be a fool.

A fool can be married,
And have children.

She may have a home,
She will pulls it down:
With her own hands.

An enemy of her children,
No compassion for the young ones she has.

A fool is a fool,
Don’t be a fool,
That your labour might not be in vain.

A fool is always a fool,
Lifted up, crowned or
In a place of authority.

Don’t be a fool,
For the foolishness of
A fool will mar him.

Don’t be a fool,
’cause a fool will wail
Like a jackal
And mourn like an Ostrich.

Don’t be an Ostrich,
Whose wounds are
And will lick her
finger forever.

Seek peace,
Seek rest,
Seek wisdom,
Seek knowledge,
Seek understanding.

Do not resign to fate,
Loss is not your lot.
Seek peace! Pursue peace!
Until your Jerusalem has peace.

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