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# Scripture:
[27] Here is what I have found,” says the Preacher,
“Adding one thing to the other to find out the reason,
[28] Which my soul still seeks but I cannot find:
One man among a thousand I have found,
But a woman among all these I have not found.
[29] Truly, this only I have found:
That God made man upright,
But they have sought out many schemes (Ecclesiastes 7:27-29).”
Evangelist Margret Osasumwen Amure Testimony.
I am a native of Benin City, Nigeria. I was born in May 1957 and am married to Pastor Olusola Amure.
In December 2011, I went on a pilgrimage to Israel and was able to experience what Jesus himself experienced. Having a 6 month visa advantage, upon my return to Nigeria, I seized the opportunity to return to Italy to complete my visa duration. It was when I got to Nigeria that I developed an illness later diagnosed to be ulcer. Anytime I eat anything peppery, I felt some discomfort.
I went through different hospitals and tests and nothing was found to be wrong with m. A doctor later advised me to seek the path of prayer. Despite my connections with different ministries and their prayers, there seemed to be no improvement in my health state.
On September 29, 2012 I prayed with my family before going to bed. However in the middle of my sleep, something strange began to happen. I found myself on a large expanse of dry land; a land filled with void. Nobody was going or coming. No tree, no river. I began to ask myself, ‘where am I?’ I dropped my head and by the time I raised it, I saw a huge, golden gate from afar; very beautiful indeed. Written on the gate is “Holiness and Righteousness.” I began to wonder If I am actually dead, because I could not fathom how this beautiful gate could suddenly come into view or my consciousness. I began to reminisce,’ I have just returned from Europe and I can’t remember having seen this gate. Something must be happening. I then looked at my left and I saw a very long queue with different shades of people on it; short, tall, black, whites etc. A thought prompted me to join the queue, so that I would not be left behind. As soon as I took a step, a voice came to me, as I heard my name being called, ‘Margret, Margret, don’t join that queue. If you join this queue, you are on your way to hell. ’
When I turned, I saw two angels literally running towards me. They announced that the Lord Jesus has sent them to me to waylay me at that junction, and stop me from going to hell. When I heard the word hell, tears began flowing down my cheek as I began to think of all my sacrifice in the church; 20 years in the choir, 20 years in the ministry, 4 years as a pastor. All these were thoughts racing through my mind and strangely, the angels could read my thoughts accurately. They said, ‘we knew all your sacrifices, they are even more than what you have just recounted. By the time we take you to your house in heaven, you will know more. I asked them how they are able to know my thoughts. They answered, ‘This is heaven where there is no secret. It is only on earth that you have secrets’. I now asked them, ‘Am I dead?’ ‘Yes, you are dead. Every time a man sleeps either in daytime or at night, he is as good as being dead. It is only when Jesus decides to wake you up that you wake up’. I started crying profusely.
The angels said they have been mandated to take me around heaven, to see the things I would miss due to my careless living. Suddenly, when I looked up, behold, Jesus Himself was right before me! As soon as I saw him, I bowed my head in shame. I could not bear to look into his face. By now , I was lying prostrated on the ground. I started pleading for forgiveness, frantically, to give me a second chance. The Lord then raised me with a finger, but I could still not look into his blinding, fiery eyes. I felt unworthy. Yet, I could barely stand on my feet. He then said, “Margret, I brought you here to take you on a tour of heaven, to see what you would have missed due to carelessness. I have brought you here because I saw your zealousness and with all your deeds, hell is where you rightly deserve’’. I cried the more.
Jesus then asked the angels to take me to my house in heaven. We started ascending through the sky. We stopped and saw a beautiful woman. Jesus was there at this time, but later when HE reappeared, this woman prostrated before Him and the angels asked if I know the woman and I answered : ‘You know I am new here, so there is no way I would have known her’. They then revealed that this is Mary, the mother of Jesus on earth. I exclaimed in surprise and queried the angels, ‘How come a mother would worship her son, prostrating before HIM? They laughed that that is the mistake most people make on earth, by saying because Mary is the mother of Jesus, they have to adore and worship her. Mary is not to be worshipped or adored, she is just one of the saints in heaven. She was just privileged among the many virgins in Israel at the time, to give birth to our Lord Jesus Christ. Actually, the memory of having been the mother of Jesus had been deleted from her memory. Mary’s words which came with so much serenity left such a lasting impact on me: “Margret, don’t miss this place. Margret don’t miss heaven’’.
We moved on to be shown my house in heaven, but before then, we saw another man and I was asked, ‘who is this man? They said, this is Abraham, the father of faith. Surprisingly he looked like a 25 year old man. I quickly bowed down to worship him, but he quickly raised me and said. ‘The only person you worship in heaven is Jesus’. He also encouraged me thus,‘You don’t know what Jesus did for you by giving you this second chance. When you return to earth, get your pastor to give you all the names of Jesus Christ, and begin to worship Him every morning of your life’.
We moved on as I was still being taken round to see what heaven looks like. To my dismay, we had passed close to 2000 men and was still looking for 5 women! I was now asking, ‘where are the women? Women are very scarce in heaven .The angels assured me that they will show me where women are. I thought probably they are kept somewhere special .I began to see different houses under construction.
I observed a particular house that was shaking, rising and crumbling at intervals .We stopped and was asked to look up and surprisingly I saw Margret inscribed on the house. I thought it might not be my own Margret. The angels could read my mind and they affirmed that it was actually my house in heaven and that they are not confused. I started crying, seeing the poor condition of the house, as it was falling and crumbling. I started begging them to help me, so that the house would not collapse and they said it was only Jesus who could stabilize the building. Within a tinkling of an eye, Jesus was right there before me! And He said, ‘Margret you called me’ and I said ‘ I didn’t call you’.
He affirmed again that I had called Him and I answered in the negative. He now explained that nothing touches Him more than the cry and tears of His saints and that each time a saint is in pain and passionately cries for something, it is He Himself that would come, not angels to intervene. I now told him that the problem is my house, that there is no way I would be able to build the house again considering my age. I pleaded with Him and He intervened by uttering: ‘peace, be still ’and immediately the house stood still!
Jesus now told me a lot about my house in heaven. He told me that under 3 years of my conversion before I got married, I had already completed the house and that all I thought I did for God were not in the record of heaven. He reminded me about when I was in the church choir and how I used to encourage those that were weary, how I used to go to the children’s church to go and work there, how I used my money to buy things for the church and that I knew everybody’s house in church, visiting them when I don’t see them in church. All these services were the raw materials that enabled me to finish my house within 3 years. He now asked me when I came into the church and I said 1980, but He corrected me that I actually came to church in May 1979 with a serious ailment and He healed me. After this,
I went everywhere with tracts preaching the gospel without minding the ridicule of my poor English. All these were the raw materials which materialized in this building. According to Jesus, ‘This is the seventh time you would be rebuilding this house and this is your last chance and that is why we have brought you here so that you may see what you are going to miss due to you careless living’.
According to Jesus, the first thing that condemned me to hell is my hatred for my husband. ‘Why do you hate the man so much?’ He asked rhetorically. ‘What do you want him to do that he has not done? I know you are not a graduate and you always grumble about this, but you have 4 graduates as your children. Do you think it is through your own doing? I myself did it for you. Instead of helping this man to make heaven, you keep malice with him and would not talk to him for days, months and you both live under the same roof. That is what would bring you to hell’. Look at that gate over there, whenever anybody dies and arrives at that gate, Satan is waiting for the person with a Bible. The Bible is the only book in heaven and earth and all other books emanated from it. Satan will begin to search your garment for any stain, and would begin to quote from the Bible. He will ask you if your pastor did not tell such and such place in the Bible’. Rev .21:27. By the time you are saying ,I am sorry, a voice would come from heaven and say, depart from me’’.
I now asked the Lord to let me talk and defend myself why there is so much quarrel in my house and he shut me down, that I don’t have anything to say. He now asked me to tell all women on earth, the verses that would convict them when they get to heaven if they don’t change:
Ephesians 5:22-24,
1 Peter 4:9,
1 John 4:20,
Hebrews 112.
Jesus spoke further that there is a cloud of witnesses of those that have gone through temptations on earth who are now in heaven and these people will judge us Christians. Joseph will judge those that fall for beauty and money. He endured all things because of the glory above, which he has seen. The Lord told me that all women that are not submissive to their husbands, no matter the condition of the man, the gate of hell is waiting for them.
After this, the Lord Jesus Christ told me a lot of things about my husband and his contention with spiritual wickedness. He asked me why I would like to go to hell because of another man. A big screen later came up and I was now shown my house on earth, seeing myself still lying on my bed beside my husband. When I shouted in surprise, He said, we humans have two bodies. The screen also showed me an incident where my husband and I had to pass through a door and we ensured that our bodies did not touch due to malice and bitterness.
I was also privileged to see some houses of pastors, some not ready, some in foundation stage in heaven. He now stressed that those that do not send materials up, do not get any house in heaven,because nobody lives as a tenant there. Whosoever’s house is not completed, the person would not make heaven.
Jesus decided to take me to hell so that He could show me some things. I objected asking Him to just let me be told, but HE prevailed on me, that there is no disobedience in heaven. Heaven is such a beautiful place. There is music oozing from everywhere .
On our way to hell, we started going down and when I got closer, I started feeling some heat. When hell was opened before my eyes, I started crying. Hell was like the size of the whole earth. I saw pastors, even some three pastors that I attended their funerals. I could not believe what I saw. I looked for Jesus and I now saw him beside a tree crying too. With anger, HE asked me to stand up and suddenly, some people were coming from inside hell.
A sister spoke first, ‘Sister Margret are you here? Did you come with water? My throat is dry’. I also saw a pastor who said what brought him to hell was greed. Before he could explain further, he was carried away. I also saw another pastor who was in hell because of womanising. Jesus was now crying and I asked HIM why HE was crying. HE said HE cries every day, because it is as if HIS death on the tree of calvary is in vain. ‘I died for you and gave you MY holy book, but you threw it away and picked that of Satan, your master’.
I asked another man, a pastor who was there because of unforgiveness. He had a quarrel with his wife and his mother-in-law came from the village and took the children and wife away. The man stayed for a week and when his wife did not come back, he travelled to the village and there was a big quarrel there, with the problem still unresolved. He decided to travel back and on his way, had an accident and found himself in hell for unforgiveness, because he died without confessing his sin.
Jesus said we all have the time now to repent .When many saw Christ, they were asking for just one minute to repent, but Jesus made them know that, repentance is only on earth. I also saw another man counting money in heaven. I asked the man why he was counting money and he answered that he was going to pay his wife’s dowry. I was surprised. Dowry? So a man can find himself in hell because of not paying his wife’s dowry ?
Jesus then showed me a scripture that backs this in Deuteronomy 9: 22-29. The Lord also said the husband must not put his wife away. I also saw a man speaking in tongues in hell. When I asked him, he said on earth he didn’t believe in speaking in tongues and also condemned those that did . When I asked him why. Before he could answer, he was pulled into the fire.
I then saw a group of people bowing down in a particular direction. When I asked the Lord, he said those were false prophets that have been deceived my Satan himself. Some of them have buried different things on their altars, such as pregnant women, hunchbacks and even their co-pastors, all in the bid to get power, fame and money. He said some of them started well, before being deceived by the devil. Jesus said these pastors could go to any place to get power and money. Jesus then mentioned three places namely India, Ghana and Djibouti where these pastors go to for powers.
I was surprised that Jesus could even know Djibouti! He replied that he knows every place on earth, because he created all. He added that, that is why anywhere one prays on earth, He is always there. He expatiated that whenever He calls a person into ministry, the person would have to go through the wilderness experience; the period when things would ‘seem not to be working, even with prayers, but if the person can endure, he will get to the promised land, but these pastors could not wait. That is why I brought you here’.
I also saw pastors that were still alive, walking about in hell. I was surprised how somebody that is still alive could be in hell. He said because their soul has not joined them, that is why they are not feeling any pain. The Bible claims, some are condemned already because they have made up their minds and there is nothing anyone could tell them that would make them change their minds. HE said these set up of people would not even allow you into their churches, because they know that if you should, their members would change.
Another set of people were shown to me in hell. These people have shining foreheads and I asked the Lord who these people were and He said these are people before they pray, they would be looking for the moon and the star. He said Deuteronomy 4:19 condemns them.
I also saw some people wearing big crosses on their chests. One of them confessed that he was a reverend father and that he lied to people that he was a virgin, but had a wife and children secretly. He was begging for forgiveness. I saw reverend sisters too with the same crime. The Lord said, He didn’t ask anybody not to get married, but these set of people were hypocrites.
There was a question I had earlier asked the Lord before now and he promised to answer me later. I reminded HIM then, and the question is, why are there so much women in hell compared to men? He beckoned on one woman to come and answer me. She was like a woman with no hair on her head. The woman began to speak, ‘When I was on earth, I never knew it is a sin for a woman to wear trousers, for a woman to paint her lips because it is the blood of our brothers shed by Satan in road accidents and that the weave-on we wear is from the head of dragons, that wearing of jewellery has been turned to idol’’ .
I now asked her why she is not wearing weave-on now .She answered that upon her death, a dragon came from the ground and removed the weave -on from her head because it is his property.
The issue of jewellery got me worried and I thought of my own collection of jewellery and I now asked the Lord quoting Exodus 3:21-22. That you are the one who asked the children of Israel to ask the Egyptians for jewellery, spoil the Egyptians and wear those things. He smiled and asked me to read Exodus 32:1-6-. children of Israel asked Aaron to make god for them from their earrings .Jesus said on that day, there were tears in heaven because ‘I knew what it cost me to bring my children Israel out of Egypt’’ .He said, it was from that day that the God cursed anything jewellery, either gold or silver or anything you put on to adorn the body because, MY FATHER is a jealous God. He asked me to give humanity these scriptures –
Isaiah 3:16-24,
Ezekiel 7 :19-21,
Proverbs 6:16-19,
Rev 20:15,
Rev 21: 8 -21.
He said there are two reasons why you must not put on these things Firstly,it defiles your body which is the temple of the holy Spirit. Secondly, these things seduce men and send them to hell. Men are MY might on earth and many of them have been seduced and sent to hell. He said when women put on these things and men see them, they tend to lust and in the process, they are condemned to hell. As such, a woman who causes another man to fall, she herself would not escape hell. Jesus said the only woman in the Bible that painted her face is Jezebel. He said we should return to the Deeper Life Bible Church way of dressing if you want to make heaven.
The Lord also let me know that He has never been the cause of any accident and any time Satan needs blood to make lipstick, he would throw stones to cause accidents. Almost at the same time, since nothing escapes God’s attention, some angels would be sent to avert such accident either on sea, air or on the road. The agents of the devil would now take the angels inside the vehicle and ask, are these the people you want to rescue? Women in trousers, with makeups? etc. The angel would now go to the men, but would find some of them some with chains, all which are properties of the Devil.
The angels, being handicapped would now go away unable to avert the disaster. The result would be accident and both the righteous and unrighteous would perish. He said once in a while, some would be saved and the reason is because, the occupants are not holding unto any property of the devil, whether physically or internally.
(Malice, Greed, Lies and Jealousy; very Common Among Women).
He said nothing unclean would enter heaven such as malice, greed, lie, jealousy which are very rampant among women. He stated that it is the shed blood of our brothers and sisters that are used in making these make-ups and cosmetics.
I was now shown a scene on earth. There was a church elder, ready and waiting for his wife outside in the car, while the wife was busy making up. They drove to church and the woman was outside again still putting finishing touches to her make -up.
The Lord asked me to tell the world that the trumpet would soon sound. I was now taken to a junction that leads to heaven and hell and come and see the throng of people trooping inside hell! Something strange however happened when I was there. There was a sudden change all over heaven and I learnt that a saint is coming to heaven. I was expecting it to be a woman, but alas, it was another man. The man was facing the gate, so much glory on this man with a crown on his head, shouting hallelujah and the gate opened for him. I told Jesus that the man did not even bother to come and thank Him and He replied that He would meet him during the evening service.
The Lord told me the second reason why I was a candidate of hell; my worldliness in dressing, but thank God for HIS mercy, He said I should frantically spread the message to all races. He said there is a reward for every man. That whoever wants to come to heaven should forgive everybody, and give at least one hour worship time to God everyday. They should love everybody, even the madman in the street, because he was not made so by God. Love him in your heart because he still has a soul which God is interested in. The Lord also said, ‘’Tell them to build their mansions in heaven, because there is no tenant in heaven. If you don’t finish your house in heaven, you can’t make it to heaven.’’
The Lord showed me a man that finished his mansion under 6 months. I asked God how and He said that the man instead of giving the mandatory 10% as tithe gives 90%. (The man in question went to his family, village and converted them all). He said there are two things that can make a person build his house fast; giving to the work of God and soul winning. I was now exercising some fear in my heart about the man making it finally to heaven, but the Lord assured me that if the man continues that way, He would send His angel to continually guide him to eternity with Him. Those that refuse to pay their tithes would be tied before getting to hell.
Tell pastors that when dedicating the house of their church members, they must first dedicate the one in heaven and it is through this that the Lord would give them the grace to build the one in heaven. Tell the cultists and evil doers to give ME the chance to father and give them even more than Satan is giving them. Tell church workers that have been taken away by marriage and children to go back to their first love. He said that is the reason why young girls are looking for husbands nowadays because those He gave husbands have allowed it to take their love for the Lord.
He said Sunday, Sunday worshippers are not coming to heaven, because heaven is not for lazy people. Tell them to become workers, because if they are workers they would not be coming to church just once a week. He asked why you would give yourself 6 days in a week and give your maker just one day. He said late comers to church are the reason why there are no more testimonies in church. He said each time an announcement is being made in church for the week, an angel is writing it down and that is what would be used by God to judge people. He said angels of God are around 15 minutes before such programme to dish out miracles to early comers and by the time the programme itself starts, they would have left .
The angels are back at benediction when some Christians would have left. That explains the dearth of testimonies and miracles in the church today. HE says that, it is only the committed that are being blessed. Even if God wants to bless such people, Satan the accuser of the brethren would raise an objection. If it is written in your church that you should not pick calls during service, it becomes a sin unto you if you disobey it. He said if it is not written you have a lesser punishment.
The Lord also warns those whose names are attached to some gods to change it because such name would not enter any record in heaven. These names do not glorify God. If you are claiming that it is a family name, then bear your own personal name. He even told me the meaning of my name, Margret which means invincible.
HE also warned that lipstick, cortex, mini-skirt,ornaments,beads, trousers on women,chains,rings,ornaments,j
ewelries, and all worldly dressing should be done away with. He warned that the prerogative of making heaven lies with individuals and that if people decide not to come to heaven, He has enough creatures that would worship Him for eternity.
I now asked the Lord that, is it not in the scriptures that God only looks at the heart and not the physical body in terms of what we wear? He now asked me to open to Romans 12;1 which I did and it read :’I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice,holy,
acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.’’ He said: ‘Every part of you carries me’’.
I now expressed my plight concerning my ministry not growing as it should. He then asked me to detach myself from those ministries I have attached myself to; pastors and ministries that are going nowhere. I am also sent to those that gossip about their pastors. The Lord said He is the one that called them and He would judge them. They are not accountable to the congregation.
The Lord also asked me to tell all those that sex HIM to desist. I stood in bewilderment, because I did not understand and how to convey it to people. I asked the Lord how that is possible. ‘Lord, you are in heaven and we are in earth, how do we sex you? The Lord now explained. When a couple is joined either by court, traditional, means or church, there is always a pronouncement that is made: ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
Because of this pronouncement, anytime a husband and wife want to make meet ,I excuse them and when they are through, I quickly come back again into them(they are my temple and they embody me)so that Satan would not destroy them. Now imagine a boy and a girl coming together sexually and they are not joined in holy matrimony, and they are supposed to be my temple .That means each time they are involved in their unholy affair ,I am there and they are literally sexing me. Tell them I am tired of committing sin! Warn them, because I want to start judgement on them, especially those that are Christians and profess to carry my name. Let them leave the church because they are hindering prayers.
The Lord also exhorted married couples not to deny themselves the joy of intimacy, because it is ordained by God and it is through it that more intimacy and closeness could be further consummated between couples. Then I could speak to them. The Lord said.
After this landmark of a revelation, I proceeded back to earth. The Lord told me it was time to go and I now asked Him to assure me that all my sins have been forgiven. He then suddenly changed to that image of himself on the cross. I quickly bowed my head and He began to collect blood from all parts of His body, which He later poured on my head .From then, He began to call me His daughter and later changed back to His glory.
The Bible is real plain, we are all sinners, and whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved. Jesus said if you will confess me before men, publicly, then I will in turn confess your name before my heavenly Father and the Holy angels. But if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father. Remember, Jesus hung naked on a cross, in a market place, he hung there for you, He endured your shame. If you want to make that decision for the Lord Jesus Christ, then say this prayer:
“God I believe in you. You are my Creator. I am a sinner. I sinned in many ways, willfully, and unconsciously. I’ve fallen short. I’ve missed the mark. I’m stained with sin. Jesus I believe in You. You are the eternal Son of God. You’re the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, who takes away my sin. I believe You died on a cross, shedding Your innocent blood for my guilty soul. I believe You were buried and on the third day You arose. You are alive forever more. I call You my Lord. I call You my Savior. I give You my life. I will love You, serve you for the rest of my days. I belong to You, the good parts, the bad parts, the sinful parts, all my plans, all my dreams, I give everything to you. Thy will be done in me. I believe I’m saved. Not by good works, but by faith, by trusting in you. In Jesus I pray. Amen.
I know you had been blessed by this testimony, so why don’t you share-it to your brethren, whom also need revival in awaking of their dead christian faith.
As you do so, may the Lord Bless you.


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Used Versus Loved   Leave a comment

While a man was polishing his new car, his 6 yr old son picked up a stone and scratched lines on the side of the car.
In anger, the man took the child’s hand and hit it many times;❤

not realising he was using a wrench.❤

At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures.❤

When the child saw his father…❤

with painful eyes he asked, ‘Dad when will my fingers grow back?’❤

The man was so hurt and speechless;❤

he went back to his car and kicked it a lot of times.❤

Devastated by his own actions…..❤

sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches;❤

The child had written ‘LOVE YOU DAD’.❤❤

The next day that man committed suicide. . .❤

Anger and Love have no limits;❤

Choose the latter to have a beautiful, lovely life….❤❤.

Things are to be used and people are to be loved.❤
But the problem in today’s world is that,❤

People are used and things are loved.❤

In this year, let’s be careful to keep this thought in mind:❤

Things are to be used,but People are to be loved.❤

Watch your thoughts; they become words.❤

Watch your words; they become actions.❤

Watch your actions; they become habits.❤

Watch your habits they become character;❤

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.❤

God bless you.❤

Do u know the relationship between your two eyes?❤

They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together & sleep together.❤

Even though they never see each other.❤

Friendship should be just like that!

Life is vanity without FRIENDS.

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When it comes to giving,many married people are generous to everybody except their spouses​. There are seven things you should give your spouse daily. This are not weekly , monthly or annual giving. They are things you must give your spouse daily. Let’s see them:.

1. Give your spouse a touch: One of the ways to bond with your spouse is to give him or her a touch. We have encouragement touch, affirmation touch, healing touch, apology touch, and we have sexual touch. Study your partners and know what touch to give at a particular time. If you want God to touch your marriage, touch your spouse. Don’t let today go like that without touching your partner.

2. Give your spouse a Space: As much as you need to bond with your spouse and be together for daily intimacy, communication, affection, planning, etc ,yet, you still need to give your spouse his /her space. There is time for couples  prayers, time for couples bonding. Also there is time for personal prayer, personal meditation, personal rest, personal planing, etc. Don’t choke  your spouse. Don’t be over- possessive and over demanding to your spouse. Stop unnecessary policing and monitoring. Give your spouse a space they need when they need it. 

3: Give your spouse a call/ chat: Some people can chat with all the contacts on their phones & all the friends on their friends list on Facebook. But they will never chat or call their spouse throughout​ the day. Chatting or calling your spouse in a day at work is a way of saying, ‘Dear, despite my busy schedule, I have you in mind. I am thinking about you’. Make sure you send a chat, or give a call to your spouse today. Make it a daily thing. No body can be tired of receiving a caring chat or a call from someone they love. 

4: Give your spouse a Hug: Hugging is fast disappearing in many marriages today. It has been researched that, hugging is one of the emotional needs of every human being. It is scarcity of spousal hug that makes many men to hug ladies who are not their wives indiscriminately. Many women too crave for hugs and they allow every Tom and Jerry to hug them because their husbands are not giving them hug. It might be in the morning, or at night, let no day pass without hugging your spouse. It is one valuable thing you must give your spouse. It could be a welcoming hug, a goodbye hug, an appreciating hug, affirmative hug. Hugging is a non verbal means of communication. Use it well. Don’t let your husband or wife crave for hug from strangers when you are still alive. Hug passionately! Hug romantically. 

5. Give your spouse a smile: God smiles on a home when couples smile at each other. A smile is a way of telling your spouse, ‘You delight me’, ‘Your presence amuses me’, ‘I am pleased with you’. Frowning at your spouse is not a thing that should last a whole day. One of the way to know your marriage is SMELLING is when you are not SMILING with each other. Smile. It is one of the best gifts you can give your spouse in a day. I love to smile alot and I love to see my Queen smile. I don’t like people who are not generous with their smile. It is free. You don’t need to pay to smile. Just relax your muscles and smile. Couples, smile , keep smiling! To prevent your marriage from smelling, keep smiling with your spouse.

6: Give your spouse Peace of mind: The home is the end-point of every thing we do daily. Let me explain it this way. If you are a doctor, you can’t sleep in the hospital all the days of your life. You will need to come home. If you are an engineer, you can’t sleep in the site all days. If you are a lawyer, you can’t sleep in the bar all days. Even as a pastor, you can’t be in the Church 24/7. We all must go back home. Home is the end point. So, if your spouse will be excited to come home, it must be a peaceful home. Stop nagging, fighting, insulting, abusing , threatening, and humiliating your spouse. Give him rest of mind. Give your wife rest of mind. Be the head of your wife sir, not the headache of your wife. Madam, be a wife , and not a ‘knife’ to your husband. Blessed are the couples that give each other peace of mind daily!  

7: Give your spouse a prayer : No matter how wealthy or highly connected you are, there are things you can not do for your spouse. You are limited. One of the ways to show love to your spouse is to commit him/her to the unlimited God. Say a word of prayer to your spouse daily. Every other things may fail and may not work. But no force can withstand  the power of prayer. You can’t heal your spouse, only God can heal him/her. You can lengthen the days of your spouse. Only God can do that. You can’t save your spouse. You can’t take away addiction and evil habits from your spouse , only God can do that for him/her. Pray to God. Mention the name of your husband/wife to God. As a man, you are the priest of your family, lay your hands on your wife, or hold her hands and say a word of prayer to her life. It is a major gift many couples find so difficult to give each other. Blessed is that wife whose husband gives a gift of prayer daily. (Visevisa). 
Pray for your spouse if you don’t want him/her to become a prey in the hand of the devil. 

All this seven things you must give your spouse daily are very easy, simple, free and important. Put them on your ‘to-do-list’. Don’t forget to give it. Remember, givers never lack. If you give your spouse all these, I can assure you that, there is a high assurance that you will get it back. 

I love your marriage. The joy of your family is my priority. 

Share to bless a family. Share, don’t plagarise it. 

Written by :

© Ebenezer Diyaolu

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June Prophecies   Leave a comment

“Great is thy faithfulness!
Great is thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see; all I have needed Thy hand hath provided, Great is thy faithfulness “Lord, unto me.
Glory be to the
Faithful Father for His protection throughout the month of May, for His Mercy that endureth forever over your life and family.
I pray you will continue to enjoy His Goodness and Peace in Jesus Name.

Stay blessed and prepared for the coming of the Lord.

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Race And Grace   Leave a comment

   If man runs with men,  its called RACE, but when he runs with God, it is called GRACE.  Grace keeps Us from Disgrace.

   May God’s GRACE be sufficient for you and your household today  and beyond In Jesus Name.

   No matter how overloaded a bus is, the driver’s seat is always reserved. I pray very fervently that no one shall take your rightful position in your household in Jesus Name. Can you say a loud “Amen!”?

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Why Do You Follow Jesus Christ?   1 comment

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28. NKJV.

After a hard labor, there is a need for rest. It is a common saying among retirees that “Rest is sweet after labor.” This is true in every sense. That is why Jesus implores everyone who labor and carry heavy burden to come to Him for their desired or deserved rest.

Only Jesus offers true rest. Do you want rest? Come to Jesus!

The next and most important thing is to follow Jesus; to be in a safe hand where He can safely keep you to enjoy His rest.

Following Jesus Christ has tremendous values.

Now, have you at any time in your life ask yourself, “Why am I following Jesus?” This is because people follow Jesus for different reasons.

A man in the Holy Bible, for example, went to the Lord Jesus and said to Him,
“Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.” Matthew 8:19.

As a good Teacher who was looking for followers, what do you expect Jesus to do? What would you do if you were in His shoes? He ought to embrace this volunteer who wanted to follow Him and add him to the list of His disciples.

The contrary was the case because the Lord knew the contents of his heart. He knew his heart was not right within him.

As a good Teacher, Christ replied him,
“Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” Matthew 8:20.

Why did all.knowing Jesus make reference to “foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests”? He asserted that He had “nowhere to lay His head”. Why was this emphasis on accommodation? Why did He not say He had no food, clothing or car but where to lay His head?

The voluntary follower must have been someone who love comfort too much. His thoughts may have tilted towards following Jesus for the purpose of becoming an estate owner or someone close to that.

He was addicted to worldliness without repentance.

A close examination of their conversation shows that the man said nothing again; but Jesus called another person with a heart of flesh who wanted to bury his father. He said,
“Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” Matthew 8:22.

This man immediately obeyed.

Who knows? The voluntary follower may have “contaminated” other disciples to obstruct Christ’s ministry. Jesus knew his heart, so he refused him.

My beloved reader, that was a man! Now, ask yourself this very important question, “Why am I following Jesus Christ?”

There are various reasons people follow Jesus today. Like the man mentioned earlier, people follow Him because He is the Provider. Yes, He is! This group of people believe that if they follow Jesus, they will own many properties and live in comfort. Do you know what? Such people will not hesitate to do anything to acquire lands and houses by honest and dishonest means.

The spread of the gospel is never their concern or priority , they pull other followers to join them. They destabilize the church of the Living God. Salvation means nothing to them.

They have no provisions for eternal life for themselves or others who have not known the Lord. There are other groups who follow the Lord for other reasons. For instance, Apostle Judas Ischariot followed Him so he could steal from the Ministry’s purse because he was the keeper (John 12:6).

A brother who had a wrong motive for following Jesus once asserted,
“If I work (follow) for the Lord for ten years and does not provide me a car, I will stop His work (following Him).”

Do you know the funny part of his story? He had been married for many years without a child in a community where a leper is better than someone who is childless. Bearing a child was not important to him.

In your own case, what is that thing that can prevent you from following Jesus?

Why do you follow Jesus?

I love Peter’s reply after a group of disciples stopped following the Master. Jesus turned to the twelve and asked them if they were also going back, Apostle Peter answered,
“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”John 6:68-69.NKJV.

Today is the day of repentance if you follow the Lord for wrong reasons. Be closer to the Holy Bible and know whom you have believed.
Stay blessed and rapturable because the Lord is coming soon.

Beauty Versus Behavior   Leave a comment

“Don’t be concerned about outward beauty of fancy hair styles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful. They trusted God and accepted the authority of their husbands.” 1 Peter3:3-5. NLT.

The above quoted verses have been (and still are) a serious source of doctrinal controversies among the people of God.

Whereas, this ought not be so.

A careful study of the Scriptures will convince us that every word from the Scriptures is for the benefits of everyone who abides by it. It is rich in content and application.

Many times, however, we fail to “…fully obey the Lord your God and carefully keep all his commands…”(Deuteronomy 28:1).

A more careful examination of the verses reveals that
*They teach moderation because too much of everything is bad.
*They encourage balance between the spiritual and the physical.
*They encourage more focus on the inner man and how to make him beautiful.

These are always forgotten.

Every creature has twenty-four hours at its disposal. What is important is “how” these hours are spent in that this directly dictate what will happen to each creature, most especially, man.

Many women spend hours on ensuring they look best outwardly. They care for the external man. They never fail to “acquire” all things they feel are necessary to achieve this.

Cosmestics also take a good bunch of their income in their attempt to look beautiful. Do you know what the Scriptures say about this external decorations?
“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last,
but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.” Proverbs 31:30.

Do not deceive people with your outward appearance. Take care of your REAL self who is within.

Your inner contents will influence what you will receive and what will happen to you.

Your behavior is a direct product of your inner man.

Unfading beauty is a result of “spiritual cosmestics”. It benefits the spiritual and physical man that you are. A few of these are listed below: *a gentle spirit;
*a quiet spirit;
*trust in the Lord;
*ability to accept the authority of their husbands;
*absence of fear.

Understand that to accept the authority of your husband is not slavery or servitude. It does not make you inferior in any form. However, it guarantees your security in every way.

Sarah’s lifestyle, Abraham’s wife, remains a good reference point. Because she was able to submit to her husband’s authority. King Abimelech said to her,
“…behold, he (Abraham) is to thee a covering of the eyes; unto all that are with thee, …” Genesis 20:16. KJV.

Who is to you “a covering of the eyes”? You need one; your submission will procure this for you.

Sarah accepted Abraham’s authority, although a beautiful woman, that she called him “Lord!” or “Master!” . Do you know what? Kings and Princes craved her beauty when she was more than sixty.five years old. Can any man-made cosmestics do this? You know better! How do you think face powder will look like on one hundred years old woman? Can it make her as beautiful as when she was twenty or thirty years?

Therefore, let your behavior retain your home and job. Do not totally rely on your physical beauty alone, beautify your real YOU within and enjoy its benefits. How you behave will determine a lot about you and your end in life.

Your beauty can secure you a job but your behavior can turn the tide against you and you may lose it. Your beauty can secure you a husband but your behavior may turn you to an ex-wife.

Be not intoxicated by your external beauty, beautify your inner man to possess a lasting and enviable beauty.
Stay blessed and rapturable because the Lord is coming soon.
KJV is King James Version of the Scriptures.