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In this piece, I intentionally want to appeal to you to make yourself available for the peace and protection of your home. Please, make sure that you are always available in person or at least by ‘proxy’.
Just ensure that you create an avenue that provides room to gather sufficient information about the welfare of your own household. Ensure that you have enough information to drive the enemies away from your territory to be sure of peace in your home.
Unavilability of many wives had sold their once beloved husband to their best friends or housemaids. The same is true of many men. Unavailability has turned them to ‘exes’.
During the course of writing this piece, I was informed of a ‘Bitter Switch Over’. What does this mean?
A woman, who would not be availabe at home until 10:00pm because of her trade, lost her husband to her best friend who lived nearby.
That woman,many times, will be preparing dinner for her family up to 12:00am. Is that proper?
It was the new madam that was ‘helping’ her friend to feed the husband who could not wait long enough. The best friend ‘helped’ her friend to the extent that her (the first wife) services was no longer needed in the home.
What pre-occupies many married people is pursuit of money. They love money to the extent that their homes are sacrificed. After they acquired sufficient money or wealth, they realise that a vacuum has been created, many times impossible to fill.
Read this about negligent angels in Jude 1:6,
“And the angels who did not keep their proper domain (estate),but left their own abode, He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day…” New King James Version).
If angels were not forgiven of their sin of negligence, do you think that you will be spared? No excuse will be acceptable no matter how “good” it may seem. Do not fail to keep (be available to protect) your God given domain, your home so that you will not be “reserved in everlasting chains under darkness”.
May condemnation not be your portion in Jesus Name. Many people today are licking their matrimonial wounds because of their unavailability when it mattered. The losses are always just irreparable! May you never suffer losses, but be available!
The information at your disposal will prepare you to protect your “first estate”. May you not be reserved in everlasting agony and pain in Jesus Name. Once again, I plead with you, “Please, Be Available!”


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