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June Prophecies   Leave a comment

“Great is thy faithfulness!
Great is thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see; all I have needed Thy hand hath provided, Great is thy faithfulness “Lord, unto me.
Glory be to the
Faithful Father for His protection throughout the month of May, for His Mercy that endureth forever over your life and family.
I pray you will continue to enjoy His Goodness and Peace in Jesus Name.

Stay blessed and prepared for the coming of the Lord.

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An Evil Act Of Fathers.   Leave a comment

For the purpose of this piece, A FATHER include:
1. A married man who is blessed with a female child.
2. A man, married or single, who, by any means, happened to be the first male a young girl has to be close to.

Everyday, people go to marrriage registry to pledge their love to each other “until death parts us”. This same “pair” of people still go to courts of law to tell Judges “We want you to dissolve our marrriage because we cannot continue as husband and wife.”. This happens soon or late.

What a great contradiction!

This was (and still is) not God’s plan to institute marrriage.

One unassailable but little known truth is that fathers contribution to this unpleasant scenario is great. Fathers are not aware that they directly destroy the future homes of their daughters.

Do you want to know how?

Every woman is expected to be a home builder. A woman does this with her wisdom. Now, there are lots a young girl needs to know about a man. This must begin from her father’s house.

Do you know that first impression lasts long? The first man in a woman’s life, in most cases, is her father. Whatever knowledge she gathers from him will form an initial and lasting impression in her heart. How a young girl perceives her father determines her perception of other men, most especially her husband, in the future.

If “first impression lasts long”, which impression do you give your daughter(s)?

A man whose wife gave birth to a beautiful girl once hissed and left the maternity home in rage when he was so informed. He was not happy and hated the wife for it. What a mess!

Do you think this father will love the little girl as she grew up? The answer nay be “No!”. If the girl fails to experience a father’s love, do you think she will truly trust any man’s love in the future?

It will be easier for such any woman in this category to leave her husband on any flimsy excuse. In the first instance, such go into marriage for other reasons rather than love.

Brutal fathers wound the hearts if their daughters, thus making them potential haters of men, ditto their husbands.

This type of fathers deny their daughters necessary “masculine training” required to weather the storms of their lives, most especially those of their homes. They make them available for “old women fables” that sometimes work against their success in future.

Are you one of the brutal fathers? Are you unkind to your daughter(s)? A you like a lion to her? Can you be approached by her for anything?

Today, you must have a complete change of attitude. You must not indirectly destroy the future joy of a family that your daughter ought to build.

I love an old man’s statement. I met him at an immigration office in 2013. He had many daughters and a lone son. He confidently said, “I trained my daughters like men. There is nothing they cannot do and they can easily adapt to any situation.”.

That is a father fir you!

Therefore, make yourself available to your daughter(s). Speak kindly to her. Cherish her. Do not deny her the joy from a father which you can give. Your position in her life is crucial as the first man she grew up to know in her life. Begin to help build your daughter’s future home today. Let her have confidence in you. Permit her to to have gut to confide in you. Allow her to trust you.

If you do not treat your daughter like a Princess, it may be a spill over from your past. Perhaps, your mother did not treat you like a Prince. The ill-treatment must come to an end. Please do this.

Do you want your heart to be healed of past childhood wounds? Please, visit regularly, if possible, follow my blog, You will not regret doing so. This is where I share the secrets of a peaceful home.
Be informed or reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ’s coming soon. Stay blessed and rapturable.

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My Baby’s Food (In honor of MoyinOluwa and every child.)   1 comment

My baby cries!
Where’s my baby’s food?

A ready made food
Prepared well in advance,
Before she comes.

A food from divine kitchen
Of the Most High God.

Best, balanced, beloved!
Sure, safe, sealed!

My baby cries!
Where is my baby’s food?

She needs the fruits,
Fully filled, freely given,
Containing the juice.

She needs the juice
In the fruits from her
Father’s garden.

My baby cries!
Where is my baby’s food?

She needs the wine,
Her Father brews,
For her benefits.

It is not for sale,
Nor it is for hire!
But for my baby only.

It is not in the stores
Or in thd supermarket.

It is not in the mall,
And not in the hall.

It is there with the mother,
I will take her to the mother!
NB: Mothers breastfeed your children and tell others.

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Your Demand Can Be Met. (Part One)   Leave a comment

In the last article, we considered the Five Demands Of A Young Lady. For her, and her household, everything has been working well. She is now ‘success personified’. Do you have your own demands? The young lady seemed to make it simple, do you want to be a success? Be prepared to have all your Demands supplied.
What are the preparations to make? Using the young lady as a case study, we shall discuss her demands one after the other and what made them met.
She wanted to marry a man who was ready to be her father. Fine! Anyone that will make this demand must be prepared to be a child, in this case, a daughter. She must be prepared to take instructions.
Who wants a disobedient child? No one! Obedience is what will make a demand for a father to be met.
To the Ephesian children, and to every child, Apostle Paul has this to say,
‘1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.
2 “Honor your father and mother”, which is the first commandment with a promise:
3″that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” Ephesians 6:1-3.
The young lady in question must have come across, meditate on and understand what these verses mean. She must have vowed to live a life of a daughter to have a man who will be a father as a spouse.
Note what the sister had prepared to do:
1. She had prepared to obey the man as a father according to Godly instructions.
2. She knew what was right and was prepared to do exactly that.
3. She was prepared to honor her father.
She had a perfect understanding of what awaits her for doing this. What are the benefits? Two were mentioned in verse three thus:
1. That it may be well with her.
2. That she may live long on the earth. A great secret of longevity!
So many single mothers run the risk of premature death as a result of emotional upheaval, that are sometimes avoidable.
Failure of any woman that demands a man who will be a father to her to know these rudiments and abide by them will surely create a loopehole, that can not be filled. So many women want to live well and long but are not ready to sow the seed that leads to reaping what they want abundantly.
The peaceful home you want is nearby if you are ready to be an obedient child. Every child that obeys her father can be confident of her father’s unfailing love, protection anytime and anywhere.
Do you want your husband to be a father to you? Be prepared to obey him! Proverbs 4:1-2 read,
‘Hear, my children,the instruction of a father,
And give attention to
know understanding;
For I give you good doctrine:
Do not forsake my law.’
Therefore, obey your father-husband in the Lord. Do not forsake his law and doctrines according to the will of God.
NB: Every Bible verse is taken from New King James Version.

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