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Am I In Love?   Leave a comment

Am I in love?
Truly I must ask:
Am I in love?

Sincerely I must search
My own heart to ask:
Am I in love?

Honestly I must answer the question:
Am I in love?

Am I in love,
When I daily count,
The faults of my lover?

Am I in love,
When I hourly take stock
Of my lover’s weakness?

Am I in love,
When I maitain a diary
Of my lover’s past sins?

Am I in love,
When I find it difficult
To forget and forgive?

Am I in love,
When I, like a cat hunts a mouse,
Look for only my lover’s mistakes?

Am I in love,
When I think evil
Of the one I love?

Which kind of love
Do I have then?
A love that thinks only of its own.

Which type of love
Do I profess to have?
A love that never forgives.

A love that never forgets
The misdeeds of my lover.
A love that never cares!

A love that thinks of its own gains,
A love that rejoices in iniquity;
A love that can fail any time!

I must be a lover,
Who is indeed in love;
Always ready to sacrifice
For the comfort of the one I love!


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