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Your Home In February.   Leave a comment

I welcome you and every member of your household to the hope filled month of February.

Every satanic strategy to pull down your home will fail. You will not break or puncture your pot of joy in Jesus Name.

May you and members of your home experience the goodness of God in new dimensions as you move closer to Him in Jesus Name.

Do not fail to tell or remind everybody around you that the Lord is coming soon.
Be prepared to meet Him.


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There Is A Reason For This Season   Leave a comment

Do you know there is A Reason For This Season In Your Home?

This is Christmas seasion when every home rejoices and makes merry. Many things take place within and outside the home to show the joy associated with this season. These include, eating, drinking, dancing, exchange of gifts and so on.

This is good because in the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy. This is the portion of every home built on Christ, the Rock of ages.

Is yours one of them?

Beloved, do you know that you must not celebrate Christ’s birth in vain? There is a reason for this season which you must not forget or overlook.

Do you ask, “what can this reason be?”

This is “Reconciliation!”. Jesus came into this world to reconcile mankind, including you and me as well as our homes, with his Maker and the Architect of homes. Your celebration will be double if you and every member of your household have already been reconciled to God. Not only this, you will have unceasing joy until you return to Him.

Therefore, be reconciled! The birth of Christ changed the history of the world, He can change your story too and what needs to be altered in your home.

Only welcome Him into your life and home as your Lord and Savior. Do away with all old bad habits and forsake all of them.

Henceforth, live and lead every menber of your household according to the Holy Scriptures.

Let me remind or inform you that years before His birth, many men of God predicted His coming birth which we now celebrate.

Do you know or remember that He also promised coming to take ALL those who believe and faithfully follow Him?

Are you prepared with members of your household to go with Him if He comes today?

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.
Stay blessed and rapturable.

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Give It On Time   Leave a comment

What you have, Give It As At When Due.

I went to a mini market some days ago to buy a few things. At the gate, a young lady sat on a wooden bench receiving a call:
Caller: Has your husband come back to you and your children?

Young Lady: I don’t expect him to return to me; mummy, your son has eaten palatable soup somewhere….

I guessed she discussed with her mother-in-law.

The question now is “Why should a woman allow another woman to snatch her husband with the same thing she possesses or can possess?

I think every married woman ought to be a “Food Specialist” as far as her home is concerned. She should be able to keep her man and other members of her household with her fingers.

Are you a Food Specialist in your home? You can be because you must be!

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Who Is The Idol?   Leave a comment

If you take time to examine every member of your household, who is the idol that must be worshipped?

To do this sincerely, begin with yourself because there is the possibility that you forget to do so. Not only that, it easier to see ten faults of another person than to see one of your own.

“The idols…
They have mouths, but they do not speak;
Eyes they have,but they do not see;
They have ears, but they do not hear;
Nor is there any breath in their mouths.
Those who make them are like them;
So is everyone who trusts in them.” Psalm 135:15-18:

Who resembles this in all his/her ways? Pray that the Lord change such a person.

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Peace and Availability   Leave a comment

In our discussion of ‘David Pursued Peace Successfully’, I mentioned that Abigail was more fortunate than David. Reason: Abigail was informed of the impending danger(s) about to befall her house while David had his own successfully invaded.
Everything he,with his six hundred men, had were taken away and his abode was set ablaze. This has been the plight of many ‘exes’,but they were not aware.
Do you think that God was partial? No! The major difference is in their availability. This reduced drastically the agony of Abigail but David had a full length of it.
That Abigail was aware of the coming evil determined by the enemies was as a result of her being available for the timely information.
1. She was available at her home. She did not preoccupy herself with wordly ceremonies together with other wives of rich men in the city.
She was not moving from house to house as a busy-body. Abigail knew the limit of her territory and never transgressed its boundaries. She was avaible to attend to the needs of her household.
2. Abigail was available to the extent that the servants could bare theis minds to her. She did not see herself as the ‘wife of a rich man’ to be seen affar.
She was not like her husband, Nabal, “for he is such a scoundrel that one can not speak to him.” 1 Samuel 25:17c. Abigail was approachable and available. She was available to ward off every evil that wanted to destroy the peace of her home.
Unlike Abigail, David was not available to be informed of any impending danger.
1. He was not available to be informed by God. As the anointed of God who could talk with his Creator, David was not available to be informed of any possible invasion, (1 Samuel 30:8). He was occupied by something else- seeking the of man and proving his loyalty to a gentile king.
2. David was unavailable to be informed by any man that danger loomed in the corner. God is a gracious God. Somebody may have had any clue to the possible enemies attack was unble to inform David or any of the six hundred men.
What was David’s business as at that time? David occupied himself and his six hundred men with meddling in a rift that was not their own. It was only a divine intervention that prevented David from destroying the people he was to rule later, 1 Samuel 29:1-2. The Bible has this to say about anyone that does this in Proverbs 26:17,
‘He who passes by and meddles in
quarrel (strife) not his own
Is like one who takes a dog by the
He was meddling in a battle between the Philistines and the Israelites when he has left the shores of the land of Israel. Why? It was because king Saul was ceaselessly chasing him to claim his life.
It was only a divine intervention that prevented David from slaughtering the people he was to govern later.
Do you know that many people,men and women, engage in businesss (matters) that never concern them? Apostle Paul has this to say about some women in 1 Timothew 5:14
‘And besides they learn to be idle,wandering
about from house to house,and not only idle but
also gossips and busy bodies, saying things they ought not.’
Today, they not only say ‘things they ought not’, they do things they ought not. This usually gives rooms for enemies to freely strike successfully.
There was a lapse in human resources management of David’s team. How?
David had six hundred men. He used to put all of them to work at the same time. No spare men as back-up. No one available as reinforcement. No members detailed to protect his territory. No internal security measures.
It was after the invasion of Ziklag that it became clear what David ought to have done. When chasing the attackers, two hundred men of the six hundred became wearied that they could not continue. They were left behind,yet David and four hundred men fought the enemies and recover all.
This simply means that if David had left two hundred men behind at Ziklag,the enemies would not have succeeded in their invasion and setting it on fire. That was one of the reasons the Psalmist says that the Lord taught his hands to fight.
Ziklag was left defenceless. No wall of protection for it. No defender. It was left open to any form of aggression.
Are you available to protect your home?

Lest I Forget!   Leave a comment

As you have seen clearly in the two case studies we have examined in the last two write-ups,SEEK PEACE in the home,your Jerusalem; PURSUE PEACE outside it.
It is a must to Seek Peace in the home. This calls for sacrifice by all means possible. It must be with love not law or by force.
It must be gently and patiently sought UNTIL it is attained and retained permanently. The value of peace within your householm is well spent out in Ecclesiastes 4:12 thus,
‘Though one may be overpowered
by another,two can withstand
And a threefold cord is not quickly
In brief,this verse tells us that a man or woman alone may be easily overpowered by another person. However,a man and his wife will surely withstand an opponent.
That will happen if tiere is peace between them.
Do you see that it is a must? Tha verse concludes that a family of father,mother and their children,a threefold cord,is not easily broken. How more difficult will it be if other members of a household are brought in?
The effectiveness and efficiency of a peaceful home is rightly put thus
‘…one chase a thousand,
And two put ten thousand to flight,…’ Deuteronomy 32:32a.
This can be interpreted that as one chases a thousand,two will put ten thousand to flight and three will drite away one hundred thousand.That is a threefold cord in action for you.
There are three enemies of every home,ditto mankind. These are satan,sin and the world. Each of these enemies is strong enough to distablise a home,if care is not taken. That is why every resources within the home must be deployed to chase these enemies away for peace to reign.
The combined effort of the members of a peaceful household will overcome these permanent enemies. If there is no fears within the home,the war without can be fought and won.
Even members of a home must not lose sight of the fact that the peace in the home does not guarantte peace outside but will surely pave the way for it.
Each member must know that there is war without and must be fought. Know this that every war has battles contained within it. Satanic war is there. Sin war is not wanted. War from the world is ever present!
Peace must therefore be pursued by chasing these enemies who are ever ready to invade every home away.
Read the lamentation of a man in Jeremiah10:20,
‘My tent (home) is plundered,
And all my cords are broken,
My children have gone from me,
And they are no more.
There is no one to pitch my tent
Or set up my curtains.’
The cords were broken because they were weak as a result of lack of unity and peace. Do you love to lament like him? Please be wise,seek peace in the home and pursue it outside. It shall be well with you.

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