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Weapons Of Peace Retention Employed By A Man.   Leave a comment

There are lots of lessons to learn from the life of father Abraham who is widely called ‘the Father of Faith’.The man was always with his with.The Bible records this about him in Genesis 13:1-2
‘Then Abraham went up from Egypt,
Abraham was very rich in livestock,
siluer,and in gold.’
This shows clearly that it is possible to be rich in material things and still retain peace in the home.Father Abram who later became Abraham remains an good example for every man to follow.
To a discerning heart,Ahraham,(Abram if you like),was a man of great love.He loved his wife without reservations.He was ever ready to do anything (allowed by God) to please his wife.
He was ever prepared to make her happy and give her joy.He easily yielded to every desire of his wife,eve when it is contrary to his will.
Let us confirm this in Genesis16:2-3,
‘So Sarai said to Abraham,”See now,the Lord has restrained
me from bearing children.
Please,go in to my maid;perhaps,I shall obtain
children by her.” And Abraham heeded the voice of Sarai.
Then Sarai,Abraham’s wife,took Hagar,her maid,
the Egyptian,and gave her to her husband Abraham,
to be his wife,…’
Later,when Sarai said to the same man,her husband to
‘Cast out this bondwoman and her son; for the son
of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son,
namely with Isaac.’Genesis 21:10
Although the request was displeasing to Abraham,the woman’s request,this time enjoyed divine support;and Abram again yielded to the woman’s request again.
This is also an evidence of his love for his wife,Sarai,and his son,Ishmael.
Father Abraham was a man of great knowledge.He knew his God and was obedient to Him.You can read how the man was instructed by God to depart to an unknown promised land in Genesis 12:1-4.
Do you know that it did not end there? The rich man,Abraham,had knowledge of all that he had.He knew the value of all his belongings.It is recorded in Genesis 12:11 that
‘And it came to pass,when he (Abram) was close to entering Egypt,
that he said to Sarai his wife,”Indeed
I know that you are a woman of beautiful countenance.” ‘
Father Abraham was not ignorant of his wife’s beauty.He had the knowledge of his wife’s beauty.He appreciated it.He knew that any man would like to have a woman of Sarai’s beauty as wife.
Not only that,he had the knoledge of how people who do not fear God behave.He knew what they could do. He made this known when Abimelech took Sarai as his wife in Genesis chapter twenty.
Father Abram,understood what evil people who do not fear God can do to him because of his beautiful wife,Genesis12:12 reads,
‘Therefore it will happen,when the Egyptians see you,
that they will say,
“This is his wife”,and they will
kill me,but they will let you live.’
That is a man’s understanding at play.He understood what evil people can do.He saw with his inner eye what could happen before it happened.Funny (or sad ?) enough,it happened exactly the way he had envisaged it.
‘So it was,when Abram came into Egypt,that the
Egyptians saw the woman,that she was very beautiful.
The princes of Pharaoh also saw her and commended
her to Pharaoh.And the woman was taken to Pharaoh’s house.’ Genesis12:14-15
Can you see the important role played by understanding? Do you see any need for you to ask for understanding from God? If father Abram needed and used it,you can not but need and use it.
Do you know that the same ‘method’ was used when the couple sojourned in Gerar.
It was there that Abram made known his understanding to king Abimelech who queried him for telling him(the king) that Sarai was his(Abram’s) sister:he told him(the king),
‘Because I thought surely the fear of God is
not in this place;and they will kill me on account
of my wife.’ Genesis20:11
Can you see that it was his understanding the way of life of evil people helped him to survive? It will surely help you too,in all that you will have,have understanding!
The friend of God,Abram,employed wisdom-sound wisdom,divine wisdom. He knew his God very well that He is a God that can protect him and all that were his. He did not forget God’s promise,
‘I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses
you;’ Genesis 12:3a-b
He knew that God will never fail to fulfill His promise,so he left everything in His hand.
Not only this,with his understanding of the way the evi5 people do things,he must take steps to cage them. He the applied wisdom. He made a provision in advance:
‘Please say you are my sister,that it
may be well with me for your sake,and
that I may live because of you.’Genesis12:12
The sound wisdom worked perfectly well. It was well with Abram for the sake of Sarai and he lived because of her.
Genesis 12:16 discloses,
‘He(Pharaoh) treated Abram well for her(Sarai’s) sake.
He had sheep,oxen,male donkeys,male and female servants,
female donkeys and camels.’
To be concluded,bear with me.