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A Fool Is A Fool   Leave a comment

A fool is a fool,
Dont be a fool.

A fool can be rich,
He remains a bitch.

‘I, me, my, myself’
Are the words of a fool.

A fool, a rich fool,
Who thinks not of others.

A fool is a fool,
Don’t be a fool.

A fool can be married,
And have children.

She may have a home,
She will pulls it down:
With her own hands.

An enemy of her children,
No compassion for the young ones she has.

A fool is a fool,
Don’t be a fool,
That your labour might not be in vain.

A fool is always a fool,
Lifted up, crowned or
In a place of authority.

Don’t be a fool,
For the foolishness of
A fool will mar him.

Don’t be a fool,
’cause a fool will wail
Like a jackal
And mourn like an Ostrich.

Don’t be an Ostrich,
Whose wounds are
And will lick her
finger forever.

Seek peace,
Seek rest,
Seek wisdom,
Seek knowledge,
Seek understanding.

Do not resign to fate,
Loss is not your lot.
Seek peace! Pursue peace!
Until your Jerusalem has peace.


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Lest I Forget!   Leave a comment

As you have seen clearly in the two case studies we have examined in the last two write-ups,SEEK PEACE in the home,your Jerusalem; PURSUE PEACE outside it.
It is a must to Seek Peace in the home. This calls for sacrifice by all means possible. It must be with love not law or by force.
It must be gently and patiently sought UNTIL it is attained and retained permanently. The value of peace within your householm is well spent out in Ecclesiastes 4:12 thus,
‘Though one may be overpowered
by another,two can withstand
And a threefold cord is not quickly
In brief,this verse tells us that a man or woman alone may be easily overpowered by another person. However,a man and his wife will surely withstand an opponent.
That will happen if tiere is peace between them.
Do you see that it is a must? Tha verse concludes that a family of father,mother and their children,a threefold cord,is not easily broken. How more difficult will it be if other members of a household are brought in?
The effectiveness and efficiency of a peaceful home is rightly put thus
‘…one chase a thousand,
And two put ten thousand to flight,…’ Deuteronomy 32:32a.
This can be interpreted that as one chases a thousand,two will put ten thousand to flight and three will drite away one hundred thousand.That is a threefold cord in action for you.
There are three enemies of every home,ditto mankind. These are satan,sin and the world. Each of these enemies is strong enough to distablise a home,if care is not taken. That is why every resources within the home must be deployed to chase these enemies away for peace to reign.
The combined effort of the members of a peaceful household will overcome these permanent enemies. If there is no fears within the home,the war without can be fought and won.
Even members of a home must not lose sight of the fact that the peace in the home does not guarantte peace outside but will surely pave the way for it.
Each member must know that there is war without and must be fought. Know this that every war has battles contained within it. Satanic war is there. Sin war is not wanted. War from the world is ever present!
Peace must therefore be pursued by chasing these enemies who are ever ready to invade every home away.
Read the lamentation of a man in Jeremiah10:20,
‘My tent (home) is plundered,
And all my cords are broken,
My children have gone from me,
And they are no more.
There is no one to pitch my tent
Or set up my curtains.’
The cords were broken because they were weak as a result of lack of unity and peace. Do you love to lament like him? Please be wise,seek peace in the home and pursue it outside. It shall be well with you.

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Three Things To Know About Peace 3 (PART A)   Leave a comment

The third thing to know about Peace is that: PEACE IS ATTAINABLE AND RETAINABLE.Although it has been stressed earlier that Peace is fragile and elusive,thank God that knowing its nature provides the needed information to know how to handle it.
Therefore,to explain very well,we are going to discus this third point in two ways.The first is PEACE IS ATTAINABLE.As elusive as it is,Peace is achievable.So long it is not easy to catch a fish,mankind had devised means of catching fish with a little effort.That is why we are going to discuss three means of attaining a Peacefu home.
One:SEEK IT.You must not hesitate to seek peace so long it is pertinent to the welfare of a home.Many people are of the wrong opinion that they are entitled to peace in their homes effortlessly.No sir! No ma! Do you know that those who got it easily lose it so soon? So,you must seek it.Why must you seek? Jesus assures,
“…seek,and you will find;…
…he who seeks,finds…” Matthew 7:7c,d,8b.(New King James Version-NKJV)
If you seek peace,you will find it.How do you seek peace? Let Luke 15:8 explains it in brief thus,
“Or suppose a woman who has ten silver coins loses one(peace) of them -what does she do? She lights a lamp,sweeps her house and looks carefully everywhere until she finds it.”Good News For the Modern Man.
I recommend that you read the answer to “What does she do?” about twenty-one times for effect- if peace is what you seek for your home.God will give us the grace to say more on this soon.Keep a date with me always,you can follow this blog and recommend it to others.You will not be disappointed.
Two:PURSUE IT.Because Peace is elusive,it must be pursued.Do you know that the enemy of your welfare knows this secret? Exodus15:9 reads,
“The enemy said,’I will pursue,
I will overtake,
I will divide the spoil;
My desire shall be satisfied on them
I will draw my sword,
My hand shall destroy them.'”NKJV.
If an enemy of God’s people can be so determined,please,what prevents you from being determined to pursue your peace?
Just as David at Ziglag inquired of the Lord if he could pursue a troop that invaded his home and those of his men.The Lord answered,
“Pursue,for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” 1Samuel 30:8(NKJV)
David pursued the troop with every weapon at his disposal with six hundred men.What was the result?
“So David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away,and David rescued his two wives.
…David recovered all.” 1Samuel30:18,19f(NKJV)
You can recover all the Peace you need if you pursue it.
Three,SEEK AND PURSUE IT.For so many reasons,sometimes,it will require that you combine “to seek” with “to pursue”. Peace is worth it when you have it within your home.The Psalmist advises,
“Depart from evil and do good;
Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm34:14(NKJV)
What will be the benefit of doing all these things? The Psalmist state the kind of person who must seek and pursue peace thus,
“Who is the man who desires life,
And loves many days,that he may see good?”Psalm34:12(NKJV)
This means you will have life,many days and see good.Now to you,do you desire life?Do you love many days? Do you want to see good in the land of the living? If your answer is “yes!”,then,seek peace and pursue it! By God’s grace,next week we shall discuss about “How to retain peace in the home”.Until then remain blessed!